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  • Anonymous

    HELLO I found your blog from looking up the address of the teen cribs episode from barrington, IL because I live in the neighboring city Inverness. You might find my subdivision equally impressive as the neighboring masses as Falcon Woods and Hidden Lakes, it is called Glencrest. My address is 1089 Glencrest Drive and my father is David Schawk, the CEO of Schawk, INC., a marketing service. Our home is 10,491 sq footage of living and 302,915 sq footage of land. Our home was built in 2001 and is worth approx. $4,738,500.

  • Kenny

    Hi. Well thanks for visiting my blog! How do you like the new design?

    Is your home the one with the detached garage?

    Wow, it must be nice growing up in a house like that!

  • Anonymous

    I think that this website idea is great. It's crazy to see you post homes and places that I in fact see almost everyday and it's really cool to see other places around the country. Our home is the one with the red laid brick in the entrance of the driveway and center. The home your referring to with the detached garage is actually currently for sale but not on-line yet.

  • Kenny

    thanks! oh okay , thanks for the info.

  • Anonymous

    The last home on 9 blossom ct in magnolia pointe is a shell only. The original builder did not want to finish due to financial constraints and is up for sale. It will cost at least 2-3 million to finish it up to spec. It would be a total of 5 million altogether. I have walked through it since we are looking to purchase it and it has excellent room sizes, its a total of 22,000 sqft with the basement.

  • mark

    i live very close to it and ik the owners son

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