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  • Anonymous

    You are right, the Saddle River home is much nicer.

  • Anonymous

    I agree totally on the houses. Is it possible he bought the town of Alpine over Saddle River?

  • joytruth

    The Alpine house is toooooo mature (old) for them… I knew what the link was going to be…you said that CC should have bought that one as well. I agree the only weakness that the SR house has is the Master Bath and Closet. (but that is a very easy fix)

  • Anonymous

    I live in Alpine and I'm pretty sure one of my brother's childhood friends used to live in that house. It doesn't overlook the highway at all. It overlooks Timberline Drive. None of the houses in Timberline look directly out onto 9W or the PIP. The ones that are even remotely close to those roads have their back to them, with a decent quantity of woods between them. The ones in the complex next to it (Audrey Urban Court) do look over the highways, though.

  • Anonymous

    HHAHAH, Those Jonas Brothers were completely ripped off!! That house is probably at most worth 5 million.

    As an Alpine resident, I know that if you are going to drop that amount of cash, you go to Rio Vista. Not next to the armstrong tower..


  • i live in alpine and i love the jones brothers and i am so happy that they are moving here. the houses looks so big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony

    If I had the cash, I definitely wouldn’t drop it for a manse directly in front of the Armstrong Tower. Just the thought of electromagnetic waves coming off that structure gives me the shills. Not a healthy investment in the long term.

    Congrats that they can afford it. They’re certainly living the American Dream.

    Rio vista is definitely the better way to go.

  • gorgeous homes inc

    This house is a very nice, large house and it is surrounded by Mansions, problem is, that huge tower that sits right there, not that far from the house, the tower can actually be seen from NY. It is right off a busy road and there is not much privacy. We are working on Audrey Urban Ct, much quieter street.

  • Tommy

    I don’t understand though Yes they are young and if they can afford to buy it let them. There is no reason to make fun, sadly because I doubt if any of you lived in Alpine you wouldn’t be on here writing about it, and who cares what street they buy there house on personally I like a few of the houses on Timberline Drive and sorry I wouldn’t buy a house because it over looks a highway I Would buy it because I honestly love it. So if they want to pay that much for that house let them its not your money and if they can afford to get ripped off let them. If I had the 14 Million there is one house I would buy that’s on Timberline Drive that i really like, and Everybody puts there homes on the market overly priced. Look at Russel Simmons and his ex wife Kimora put that was most defiantly over priced and it took over 4 years to sell and it sold for 10 Million. The reason people over price their homes is because when people make an offer on the home the people who are interested in buying it are thinking there getting a deal when they are actually paying a ton more than the value. There is on house In Jersey for 14 Million and it is relevantly small and it should be not even half of that and then there is a home In Florida for 14 million and there is over 30,000 square feet compared to the Jersey 10,000 sq ft People have to be smart and not be afraid to lose a house and wait a while till it drops and then do some negotiating

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