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  • Kenny

    i agree.

    thanks. that actually sounds like a good idea. maybe I should make an actual book filled with hundreds of pictures and info on America's Grandest Homes.

  • Anonymous

    I saw a TV tour of Evander Holyfield's mansion. They said 54,000sqft and the master bedroom is 10,000sqft. I just found this post below which might account for some of that size.

    "the library is built in a half-circle with floor to 20′ ceiling bookcases … one of which swings away from the wall to reveal a hidden room!
    He also has a giant master bedroom where there is a fireplace guarded by 2 large ceramic(?) lions. He also has a 19 foot long bathtub (TRUE!) surrounded by Roman columns. The bedroom also has a massive sitting room with kitchen. His wife’s closet is a huge 2-story room. His trophy room also has a secret door for hiding his Olympic medal!
    The wing on the right front is the dining wing. The identical one on the left is Evander’s huge office. The basement has a giant game room, pool room, indoor lap pool, basketball court, handball court and 2 bowling alleys."

  • Kenny

    do you have a link to the tv tour?

  • Anonymous

    Selfish for building something that large?

    Have you ever thought of how many jobs this huge "selfish house" would create both in it's construction as well as it's maintenance? Not to mention the tons of cash to the local community from real estate taxes coupled by no more than the normal use of community resources.

    It's a win win situation. Not selfish at all.

  • Anonymous

    Nope, he is pretty much a selfish POS.
    He could have built a very large house, 20,000 to 30,000 square feet and then taken the rest of the money and provided housing, food and education for people in need.
    103,000 square feet is just an ego trip and trying to establish yourself as some kind of god on Earth and people like that should burn in hell.

  • Anonymous

    "Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime"

    That being said…if all that one needs to be considered a "god on earth" is a big house how many people that you look up to deserve to burn in hell?

    The cost of "a big house" is a drop in the bucket when compared the the 10s of millions of dollars spent on objects that provide no jobs, no tax revenue, and no nothing which are spent on daily by the aristocracy on historical artifacts, yachts, and political (ironically usually leftist) causes.

    Please remember that ENVY is just as bad as what you consider greed. Of course nobody ever mentions it and it surprises me that someone who envies visits this site on a regular basis.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Kenny…the TV tour I saw was several years ago. I just remember Evander saying his master suite was 10,000sqft thinking that is a large mansion in itself.

    I keep hearing Evander is having financial troubles with his mansion in possible foreclosure. I think people forget a huge mansion like his cost a MINT to maintain beyond the construction costs. The estimates they have on his house is $10MM, but 54,000sqft feeet…I'd think at least $15-20MM especially with over 200 acres of grounds and other homes on the property.

  • Anonymous

    Then what are you doing on this site? Take your liberal agenda somewhere else. This isn't the place for it. The poster above you is right, envy is just as bad as greed, except envy isn't shown in such an obvious way. Bashing other people for doing something, something that others may never have the chance to do, is some form of envy, whether you like it or not.

    If you really want to break down our society, nothing is necessary. We could all live in cardboard boxes and walk everywhere. Is that what you think we should do? Does everyone need a cell phone? No. But if you want to call someone a POS for having the $700 instead of a $20 Wal-Mart phone, you're the one who needs to shut up. If you haven't noticed, our world is about doing things bigger and better than before. I'm sorry, but there are always going to be people that are less fortunate. Get over it.

  • Anonymous

    The one truth I think we can ALL agree on is that it would've been cool to see what a 103,000 sq ft monster mansion would look like. The bird's eye view would have been spectacular. I wonder though if the mansion would be stacked up like Siegel's in Windermere, or spread out like Bill Gates's.

    It's all about being a voyeur of extreme homes.

  • Anonymous

    I have no need to be envious of this D-bag.
    I have a very nice house that is about 9,000 square feet total (I can send Kenny a photo if you would like) and I drive an AMG S class.
    I sincerely doubt the people trying to criticize me even have barely a trailer and a Civic. Just a bunch of dreamers.
    Just because you can afford to build a house that large and ostentatious does not mean you have to.
    And to the fool that made the "liberal" comment, there is nothing wrong with social responsibility and making sure your fellow man is taken care of.
    The people that don't believe in that tend to be the people like Hitler, Stalin, Madoff and Stanford. People like you just love to take and take and don't care how you get what you get even if you have to rob your own mother to get it.
    People like you disgust me and the people around you. The only people around you are the ones that feel that they can get something from you and they honestly don't care if you live or die. The minute you don't have anything to give them anymore, they disappear like the wind.

  • Anonymous

    A liberal that drives a foreign car, surprise=surprise

  • Anonymous

    It's people like you that want to brag about your 9000 sq. ft. house and your "sweet" Benz that disgust the people you think you're better than. The people who live in those trailers and have the Civics, they are disgusted by you. Why can't you help your fellow man and give 5000 sq. ft. to someone else? I'm sure you can get by with a mere 4000.

  • Chance

    I have a hard time believing that the master bedroom was going to be the size of a football food, which would make it over 55,000 square feet. Simply ridiculous to build a house of this size, glad it never came to pass.


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