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  • Anonymous

    Where might I purchase said shoes?
    I am very interested.

  • Anonymous

    I understand people like to think THEIR house is worth more than anyone elses comporable house, but why would a real estate firm and/or agent waste time and money listing and trying to sell something so overpriced. The other day I noticed on realtor.com a house in Alpine N.J. on the market for over 2,600 days. Guys, that is not a misprint. It's on for 10 million.

  • Anonymous

    You guys realize that the $2.56 million paid was for the lot and existing house, right? The owners bulldozed the old house and put this manse on it.

    However, I think $32 million is still $12-$15 million overpriced. It's not even on Lake Michigan for crying out loud!

    • Colin

      Yes, but keep in mind that the lakefront is not the only nice area. I actually live 3 blocks away from this house, and it is a very nice area.

  • MicReg

    Someone who owns a 27,000 sq foot mansion I do not have simpathy for. Good luck on the sale!

  • Redic Ulas

    Needs to be added to CNN’s Anderson Cooper Rediculist!!!

  • Bob

    Google Earth shows a lot of construction taking place.

    • Colin

      The house was completed 5 years ago. It is definitely not under construction, I live 3 blocks away from it.

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