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  • Anonymous

    I'm a sucker for red roofs, and big driveways. Love 'em! Plus, the shiny inside is awesome too.

  • Anonymous

    Kenny are you going to go and take pictures of the house?

  • Kenny

    yeah soon.

  • Anonymous

    I think the address you gave is off. In a previous blog, you said that the home was at 9 Indian Lane, but its actually 6 Indian Lane, Towaco, NJ.

    Is the home gated?

  • Anonymous

    Yes the home is gated.

  • Anonymous

    is there a video to this? thanks!

  • Kenny


    click real housewives

    its the 4th part

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see more photos of this once it is completed

  • Anonymous

    Teresa and her kids rock.
    I love how she talks, it is so cute.

    • Anonymous

      Talking like an illiterate is “cute”? I don’t think it’s cute when someone says “pitchers” for “pictures,” or “Manhah-un” instead of Manhattan. It just makes you sound stupid.

      • Cherry

        You’re obviously not from Jersey. Thats normal….

        • AM

          It doesnt matter where you are from, the word is pronounced one way and she does not pronounce them the proper way. Anonymous is right, it does make her sound stupid. I like Teresa but she is not scoring any points by sounding stupid in front of millions of people.

          • Anon

            Really, AM…it’s called a dialect. All people in the United States belong to a dialect area, and pronunciations vary from place to place. Think about it, how many different ways are there to say words like “water” and “orange”. Someone who lives in a state or region other than yours might think you sound stupid.

          • anthony

            Its an accent.. i tawk like that too .. get over it lol

          • ted

            where are you from that every word you say is perfectly sounded out annunciating every syllable perfectly? shut up and calm down.

    • colloctor

      Then you are an uneducated fool!! Teresa is too stupid to know just how clueless she realy is. White trailer trash!! No wonder people make fun of redneck Jeresy girls!

      • ted

        are you kidding me? i have honestly never seen a trailer park in new jersey. rednecks are from kentucky and mississippi. i have a lot of family in north jersey and it really bugs me when people say that there all classless and uneducated.

        • jorgi

          Hello Ted
          Mississippi , I live in the capitol of Ole Miss and we are not the kind of people you think you are talking about .
          Many wealthy people here and a lovely city ,great place to live and raise a family .
          You don’t know what you are talking about .
          NO we are NOT rednecks .
          SHAME ON YOU for making judgements about people you have never met .

          • Ted

            i’m sorry for making a generalization, but ask anybody in the northeast… they’ll agree.

  • Anonymous

    The house is beautiful, but why did she keep saying to the movers–Be careful. This is very expensive. Oh, that's expensive be careful. I'm sure the movers aren't ding dongs. They know the items are expensive and I'm sure they picked a very reputable company to move their things. That was a bit insulting to keep saying that. In my opinion. The house is awesome. Some of the decor and furnishings she picked I'm not too crazy about, but everyone has their own taste.

    • sensible

      Theresa is a nouveau riche whose never had anything and when she suddenly came into some money she went crazy spending it on expensive stuff she could never afford before, (and drove her family into bankruptcy and debt.) That is why she kept saying “be careful it’s very expensive.” Secondly she was never taught any class. A classy person doesn’t treat others so offensively. She is also engaging in conspicuous consumption at a time when other families are waiting in food lines to feed their children so she is completely unaware of what is going in the world around her. The mere fact that she doesn’t know where diamonds come from, the blood diamonds of the heinous crimes inflicted upon those poor people in African villages when these diamonds come from speaks volumes for the level of ignorance of this woman. Hopefully she has learned something from her ridiculous mistakes and she will help the needy next time she comes into some money instead of going on an outrageous self-indulgent spending spree.

      • Sara

        You are not the brightest bulb in the box, you said “when these diamonds come from”, when should have been where. Now who looks stupid.

        • marion

          a simple typo
          IDIOT – YOU look stupid!

      • Gentry

        @ Sensible,

        You are spot on. You have to look at her (social) class origins to understand why she acts the way that she does. In all fairness, none of the women really have any class, or are schooled in the amenities.They are foul- mouthed, and have not one jot of shame about their behavior. Her children are ill behaved too. Kim “G” has money but is a Janus faced, foul mouthed woman, just as an example.

        I will say this about the property, the woods behind her house are glorious in the Autumn, and I do like the kitchen.

  • thevinylvillage

    the inside is over the top to my taste but acceptable…the outside is just awful. It looks like it was designed on an Etch a Sketch using some 4th graders idea of what a mansion ought to look like.

  • Anonymous

    I am constantly passing this so called "mansion" because my parents live down the road from them! Sorry to say, but this house is way out of place!

    • Liz

      I agree that this house is way out of place. I grew up there and it used to be a beautiful wooded area. The woods behind my parents house was cleared slightly and a house built there in the 70s. but we really couldn’t see it from the street or even our house. Now it sticks out like a sore thumb after she cleared the property. If this house wife wanted to show off her house so much she should of have bought a house closer to the street. Huge houses should be with other huge houses. It throws the look of the neighborhood off. But unfortunately montville allows it.
      At least she has 287 running right behind her house.

      • Amy

        what does her husband really do?????

        • Call It Like I See It

          Joe and Teresa filed ch.7 (case# 0939032 on 10/29/09) a little over a year after they took out a $1,720,000 loan for their house. No wonder they pay for everything in cash.

        • Kathy Rostek AKA:KR

          I used to live in Towaco by the Old Alpine house. Do you remember Bonnie View?? Yeah those were the good old days. I abandoned NJ forever and moved to Alaska.Watching NJ housewives proves that NJ sucks! Alaska is what America once was!!!!!!!

          • Helen

            NJ used to be a great place to live, but not anymore. I can visit one state over, Pa., and there’s a world of difference including prices of houses, and rentals. If you want a beautiful house in NJ go to Colts Neck, Alpine, Spring Lake, etc. but you better have a lot of money just to pay the bills. I can’t feel any sorrow for the mess Theresa got herself in (inc. her husband), but she should have thought about her children.

      • Gellie

        Liz – so sad about the woods being cleared. She clearly has no breeding. I love that 287 borders her home. Sort of poetic justice.

        • May

          Good breeding, really? gross expression. and you, do you have good breeding? like a horse, a dog?

      • get alife u gies are just jeliouse of her.

        • do u see the front of there house in general and then the inside i call people like u haters of teresa and joe….and they dont cause they want privacy did she ask ur oppinion on her house and she dont wanna be like u..

          • Chooch

            It also is right next to the gas lines. That is where all the kids in town ride on their motorbikes. He house has guilded lions. Horrible! She is an embarrassment to our neighborhood. And by the way, she has been known to give the finger to the folks on line in the school parking lot. Classless.

        • JessiGirl

          Jealous of Teresa? Ha, I own my home, pay my bills and I have a forehead unlike her.

      • mermsssssss

        this house is not out of place. they got a multi acre property in montville (or towaco, whatever) and the houses leading up to teresa’s are not as big, but still nice. teresa should really do some more landscaping when she has the means to do so. but i do enjoy watching her on the show 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Is she originally from Belleville? Or Bloomfield? 🙂

    • ladyi

      I was raised in Bloomfield and live in Belleville and I have way more class then Teresa and her tacky house. Where does she find the ugly clothes she makes her kids wear. Tacky, tacky ginzo guad. And I am Italian

  • Anonymous

    If that is her taste, well bless her sweet soul. That's what she wanted and as long as she is happy with it, people should just smile and tell her that she did a wonderful job creating such a warm home.

    • lola

      Wam home??? dont think so, warm homes dont echo and look like hotels. its tooo gawdy, just like Teresa

  • Anonymous

    Just tell Teresa to 'pay attention'.

  • Anonymous

    Joe has to be involved in the Mafia somehow/someway–he carries all that cash on himself–just like Tony Sopranio–you can't tell me he's not mixed up in some shady business adventures!!!

    • Your crazy he is not dont be ahater that u cant carry around all that money.

    • mermsssssss

      you have no way of telling that he’s in the mob. just because someone is italian in new jersey doesnt mean their connected. he’s not even sicilian.

  • Jerzeyboy

    So much to say about this house and the show… Teresa is so dumb, kind'a funny, but dumb as a box of rocks and "definitely not classy", lol… Their house is so tacky and over the top, and also seems ice cold and sterile… The show never commented on what her husband Joe does for a living either, but come on, there has to be something illegal going on there… He's also your typical dumb NJ gumba too… Forget that kid Gia, her giving commands to the mover was so disrespectful, all three of those kids are headed for trouble, just fast forward 10-15 years!!! Hopefully there's some extra tape left over from this big move, they need it for their friend Caroline Manzo! They definitely need to tape yer big yap shut. I am so sick of all her long winded speeches…

    • connie

      Where did you get your Psychology degree…DR?

    • Maskara

      Aw. Cmon. Calling Teresa dumb as a box of rocks isn’t fair… to boxes of rocks.

  • Anonymous

    I hate to admit it, but I love this trainwreck of a show. All 5 of the wives have issues — but who doesn't? And if someone can afford to build the house of their dreas and provide work for lots of local folks in the process, more power to 'em. (I don't think Teresa should have been ranting and cussing and table-flipping in front of kids, though, even though Danielle can make a saint want to do all of the above.)

    • I agree with you, no one looks at the positive of them building that house

    • Susan

      Problem is, they can’t afford it.

    • LEELEE

      I agree the key word is afford. Bottomline they can’t afford it and now taxpayers who live within their means will be footing the bill for their “shopping sprees” and their attempts to be flashy.

      • disgusted

        It provides our for many people, but that only counts if you pay them! She owes a lumber company $95,000!!!
        As for Gia, did anyone catch the comment that she doesn’t speak Spanish? Taking into a count would you not have corrected your child? She is pathetic!

    • Anonymous

      Provide work for lots of local folks? You mean stiff a lot of local folks that provided lots of work for them. Those poor workers didn’t get paid.

  • Gary

    Does anyone know the name of Joe Giudice's construction company and where it's offices are located?

    • Frank

      G & G Stucco in Clifton NJ

  • Anonymous

    The house? palace, more like it, is magnificent. The little girls who live in it are precious. Teresa, you living in this house is like putting perfume on a pig. You have all the exterior (that means, what's on the outside) bells and whistles. You have typical Italian looks. You would probably look alot better without the make-up. You would sound alot better with some diction coaching. Your interior is empty! You are classless! The only thing you have going for you is Joe. Hold on to him.

    • LEE


      • jlb

        Ummmm have you guys looked at Joe? She bragged that she had a gorgeous husband…he is a fat middle-aged man

    • connie

      anyone know of a good “hate crime” attorney?
      Boy do you reek of prejudice and stereotyping…
      why not just call them “wops” and let it go…TO COURT

  • Joe Muff

    Does anyone know where those couches are from?

    • chele

      My grandmother’s basement.

    • SicilianPrincess

      Unique Furniture

      • LEE


        • mermsssssss

          you dont have to type in all caps all the time lee, and montville doesnt hate them. i live in pond view dumbass

  • thevinylvillage

    Joe Muff…no clue where the sofas are from, but they look like something you could win on the Price is Right…

  • Jenny

    This is the link to Joe Giudice's construction company:

    G&G Stucco & Stone Specialist (Clifton, NJ)


    His business must have done the work on the Giudice palace, as well.

    • Nursem8

      This site doesn’t work….maybe HE doesn’t either…..

  • Anonymous

    For the person who asked where Teresa is from.. shes from Paterson.

  • Bella

    OMG I’ve seen this house! My mom and I have been searching for her house ever since we got here (we moved to Montville recently, and we’ve never seen the show, so we were told by my mom’s buddies about it.) and now I see it. It’s amazing to see in person.

    • lola

      why does it seem on the show that teresa is from Franklin lakes, like her friends??

      • Ted

        towaco… where teresa lives in only like 25 mins from franklin lakes.. that make it seem like she lives in franklin lakes because they don’t want to confuse no new jersey-ians.

  • Bri Bella

    Teresa is a fun loving mom she cares about her husband and her girls very much and is only doing what is right for them. Joe just makes good money doing what he is doing, his company is very successful. my fiance owns his own company and has cash on him all the time like Joe. People are just jealous. get over the fact that u have to work hard to get what u want =]

    • Sierra Symone

      No is jealouss of this chick! Not even a year later and they’ve filed for bankruptcy chapter 7! I hope she follows the same advice she gave that sociopath Danielle “You’re not to pretty to get a job!”. His business must be in trouble because it’s all over the news! I can’t say I’m happy about it. She’s a mother with 4 children who won’t take no for an answer.

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  • susan

    I beg whose ever pardon that said Joe must be involved in “mafia” / illegal activity. Being Italian and using cash does not mean you’re illegal….my husband does it all the time. Yes, we too paid 100,000 (cash) for our furniture! It’s called hard working!!! Don’t hate!

    • chloe

      i agree susan. people always jump to the mob thing. its the new jersey thing. if we were in kentucky, no one would bring that up. being successful and not having credit card bills doesnt mean your in the mob.

  • jen
  • PhillipP

    I always find it amusing when people with money, but no taste or education, build a house and decorate it and think it is something worthy of Architectural Digest or Elle Decor when in fact any “real” decorator would have a coronary at the sight of this monstrosity. I see this all the time as I deal a lot with decorators.

    • Try the Veal (Best in the City)

      Amen PhillipP – No headboard in the mausoleum of a bedroom? Ick. Those kids are destined to fall down one of the many staircases featured. I’ve never seen a less kid friendly dwelling, especially with a newborn in the house. To each his own, right?

      • Anonymous

        The house is typical northern NJ money-with-no-taste decor, columns included. Wasn’t much of a “house tour” either, with her spending more time pointing out her dishware and glassware and what’s in her “frigerator,” as I think she called it.

        I think it’s hilarious someone below said the house looked gorgeous with “color-changing lights” shining on it. No taste.

        Does anyone remember that commercial parody SNL did, “You gotta get yaself some paw-celain fountains?” http://www.hulu.com/watch/99948/saturday-night-live-porcelain-fountains That is this family to a T. No concept of taste or refinement. There’s a reason this was on SNL — people like this are a joke. I don’t think the Giudices understand that others watch this show primarily to laugh at them.

        • Kate

          North Jersey actually has a lot of “old money” refined homes. There’s a lot of very old large houses as well, which I think are beautiful. You can’t judge all of our towns and houses based on these awful women and their homes. ESPECIALLY this one.

          • ted

            north jersey is hardly old money. long island is though. and i dont think these women are horrible, and they represent themselves not north jersey.

    • SicilianPrincess

      No taste or education?? Hello, they are Italian, and everyone in the world wants to be like Italians, who have the best style and architecture. Why don’t you see the way Theresa made her own tomato sauce, and see the way Joe builds homes. Can you do either?? I’m sure Francesco Rinaldi is your favorite. SO they don’t need to pay a fortune into the education system and pretend like its going to give them better taste. You’re just a hater. AND Joe makes his own wine…in the wine cellar he BUILT HIMSELF. American schools don’t teach you that, they just want your money, and you pay like an idiot so you can go around calling people “uneducated”.

      • whatever

        NEWS FLASH!!!!!! to the dumbest Italian on earth aka SicilianPrincess – NOBODY in the world wants to be like Italians. How thick is your brain? IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! You reek of stupidity and ignorance.



          • EuropeanCharm

            SilicianPrincess…… My parents were born in Greece and we moved here when i was very young. I could relate a lot to the way Teresa and Joe live. We own our own business and pay for most everything in cash.
            It is also very popular in our culture to make olives, home made yogurt, bread, many things from the old country that reminds us of where we came from. We even built an oven in the backyard to bake our bread, just like the old country. We love eating under our patio cover filled with grapes sprawling all over.
            When youre around your culture it alot back east, it makes you feel like youre home.

          • beautiful


            I am not being mean, but when you say make your own olives, did you mean grow the olives, or perhaps making something from the olives? Thanks!!

        • Walter

          wathever….you must be black….you don’t know anything about italians.
          I am proud to be italian ….it tortures me when i see people like the GIUDICE’s family exposing their stupidity on national television.
          Teresa and ”wathever”………. go back to school.
          signed: A proud italian man.

      • Kate

        Italy may have great architecture. That doesn’t mean American-Italians have great TASTE in it just because of buildings in a country they’ve probabley never even been to, that were built hundreds and hundreds of years before they were even born anyway. Plus, Romans ripped off their style architecture from the Greeks anyway, Princess.
        I’d have to say, as an architect, that this home has no “soul.” They simply threw a bunch of expensive materials together and figured that’s all it needs to be beautiful.
        Maybe you should pay attention in school. Because quite frankly, I’d prefer an actually well-rounded education, rather than simply being taught to make wine. (which I actually do know how to do, it’s not rocket science)

        • EuropeanCharm

          I think Teresa’s house is beautiful, the only thing lacking is some of the rooms seem to be larger than needed. The empty space makes it look like there should be a little more structure to it instead of just having so much open space.
          Her floors are absolutely beautiful.

          • ted

            im a second generation greek! my grandparents came from chios. my family owns businesses too. if you work hard for it, it’s definitely better to pay in cash for things because then you have no debts

        • Goldie

          I agree, the home albeit gorgeous inside doesn’t have the feeling of “home” The outside is just plain horrendous

      • connie

        Thank you Sicilian Princess…You said beautifully.
        EVERYONE wants to be Italian… we have beautiful families
        a wonderful heritage, the BEST FOOD, the most talented people in the arts…and a lovce for people they cannot fathom.
        So pity them but keep honor in our culture. and yes I am Italian…100%

        • IHateJerseyTrash

          If you were a real Italian with any bit of class, u would be ashamed of people like Teresa Guidice representing your nationality. Jersey Italian Trash does not represent the classy culture of the country of Italy. Any one with half a brain or anyone who’s actually been to Italy would not want to be in the same category as these people!

        • Walter

          Connie…..me 2….very very very proud to be italian…..

      • ex-towaco resident

        Francesco Rinaldi….at $1.22 a jar in Wal mart. Damn right I use it and it’s great. And CT Italian, please clean up your mouth. Talk about no class.

  • Anon

    Ha! Those losers at Dlisted.com were pissing themselves with joy thinking someone was losing their big tacky box of a house and it happened to be the lot next door. Can’t stop laughing. I believe they call that LULZ.

    • elo2282

      It was their home, but I think it was one of their other homes in Lincoln Park or the shore. Check the location is says pine brook rd (not Indian road)
      I believe this mansion is being foreclosed on as well though, at least that’s what I’ve been reading today. I’m sure those papers will be online any day now

  • D.D.

    Ya know if any of you READ the court papers you will SEE it is not her residence that is the issue. They are tracts of land in a whole different area!!

    Why dont you people read before you post that she is losing her HOME???


  • property manager

    It is not tracts of land. They put the land as tracts when they list it in foreclosure papers. Any foreclosure is done this way. They are foreclosing on the house.

  • B

    NO, they are NOT foreclosing on the house. In fact tonight was their house warming party. The house is not my taste, but it looked gorgeous tonight with a bunch of color changing lights shining up on the side of the house and the fountain. Very beautiful. They have some very rich friends lol at least 1 million dollars worth of cars parked out front!

  • giovanna testatosadecarlogennarolobianocodeguissepedigiacomo

    B- how impressive that you were at the housewarming party. Did you open her medicine cabinets and drawers in her bathroom? Color changing lights? Gross. You wouldn’t see that in Chatham or Mendham.
    Her husband Joe owns a sh-t load of apartments and buildings and collects rent from all 100+ of them. His so called cement/stucco business has been around for a long time and let’s just say he is not a stellar business man. His stucco business is not furnishing that home. Its the rental income he has. Case closed.



  • Nancy

    I love coming to these sites. I think it hillarious when you biatches show the jealousy towards those much more fortunate than you. Gotta be that they got all their stuff illegally and everyone hates her taste in furniture but I’d betcha if she was giving it away you would be in line and lovin it. Some folks HAVE to be miserable all the time or they are not happy?? double standard.
    Good luck Teresa, Joe and the babies. You obviously did something right.

  • B

    @giovanna, what kind of question is that any way “Did you open her medicine cabinets and drawers in her bathroom?” Pretty immature. Also the lights outside the house were quite tasteful to be honest. Why does it matter whether his money is coming form the stucco and stone company or his rentals ? lol quit hating just because you don’t have a 2 million dollar home and a Maserati, grow up!

  • Ridgewood Realtor

    Its worse than I had suspected just google the address. For crying out loud Teresa you had to pick a Mc Mansion that freakin backs right up against Route 287 ?!?!?!? must be so quiet there Zoom zoom zooom zoom zoom beep beep beep zoom zoom zoom Sweet!
    Let me find you a real home here in Bergen County

    million dollar lister

  • kvc
  • rp

    teresa, was very polite to the movers, she said be carful to the movers, with some mover, you have to give them a heads up call, these guys sometime dont care, she is on top of her business, im sure she fed and gave the movers something to drink, of course they don’t show that…. also i am from montville towaco, most homes are all replicas of one another,,, they all look the same. this is a custom built home, quality and class from a thru z, this is hands down a plus to the neighborhood, they did an at excellent job, the pleasure of this home is, as you pass it, you say wow,,, this home is italian built, the best of the best, went into this home, god bless joe for all those rental incomes, with those incomes come alot of headaches, we are looking at the finished product, i no there are many years and some genarations of hard family work,,,,

    • Iris

      “God bless Joe for all those rental incomes?” OMG…He is a slumlord in East Orange, NJ. He has lousy apartments and gives them no heat. Can you imagine all of those families that must live there and kids and elders getting sick?

      East Orange is a very poor neighborhood. Their tenants have nothing.

  • chele

    The only people I ever knew who walked around with multiple wads of many thousands of dollars in hundred-dollar bills were drug dealers, not surprisingly, all are long deceased or in jail. It makes me wonder about Theresa and her husband.

    • Call It Like I See It

      you’re gut feeling is right. They’re debtors…it’s public record that they have over 20 judgments and liens against them for unpaid debt.

  • racheleand kevin

    italguy2010, why is it that people like you who don’t like what others have to say think those people are all haters. Maybe they aren’t “haters,” they just aren’t stupid. Try it sometime. Theresa and her husband do have very cute kids. But I think little Gia is obnoxiously precocious. That kind of behavior isn’t cute at all; it’s merely annoying. Maybe if mommy were such good mommy, she’d attempt to rein in that behavior a bit before the child becomes unbearable to be around.

  • KarilynnfromBuffalo

    I think anyone who is on a reality show is going to be damned if they do, and damned if they dont. I think anyone that is doing well and has money is automatically going to be stereotyped. I think Theresa spends most the time engrossed with her family and taking great pride in her husband which is fantastic, you dont see that anymore,,and her little girls. I dont see her taking lavish trips without her family, I dont see her living it up while her girls are tucked away with Nannies. She is always with her girls. How unfair?? WE do not know these people. If they work hard, why shouldnt they reap the benefits? If i could judge anyone it would be that trash Danielle who acts like a spectacle and includes her daughters in way too much of her personal life. Those girls are damaged goods and Danielle doesnt realize that the negative publicity is so damaging. I feel sorry for her. The one thing I cant understand is why the other women keep agreeing to work with her on the show when they obviously have disastrous results from doing so. Either its all for show or they are gluttons for punishment.

  • Try the Veal (Best in the City)

    Many years ago in NJ there was a place called ‘Storyland Village’ which was near the Route 35 Circle before Seaview Mall was built. The place morphed into ‘StoryBook Land’ now near AC. Joe and Teresa’s place reminds me of that, sort of a fairyland palace. It looks, on the inside, like some of the newer beach homes in Deal in that it doesn’t look ‘lived in’ and has a stark, bare look to it. While I prefer the fabulous historic homes in Llewellyn Park near West Orange, to each his own. I love this show for the pure, mind-numbing silliness factor. Teresa even throws a table over in her commercial!!!! Her child is a brat, of course, and to discuss marriage with an 8 year old is ludicrous, but that’s what make RHONJ fun! It’s scripted and it’s not for our edification but for our ENTERTAINMENT! Anyone who take this show ‘seriously’ is in trouble. The sheer amount of cheek implants, autologus lip fat injections, Juvederm, Radiesse, Arte-Fill (now outlawed and lipo is enough to make the ADA;s collective head spin. While the Montville is new money – I LOVE Sparta very much and always reminded of Lake Bern (used to be so lovely by the Lake but it’s gone SO far downhill.) As for the Restaurant and the murdered ‘Tiny’, please. They’re so mobbed up it’s ludicrous. Why do you think Tommy Manzo is nowhere to be seen?

    • Anonymous

      Agreed! And I love your name BTW!

  • bmmny

    The kids are disrespectful brats that will turn into adults that nobody wants to be around. Teresa’s ammoying voice makes me run to the bathroom. I agree that everyone on this show is trashy except for Jacq. I would be mortified to be related to any of them. I am not interested in their money or houses. I would much rather be humble and have class then to be any of these pigs.

    • connie

      and you are full of it…
      stay “humble”, I doubt you have “class” and thakfully they are not related to you.

  • NJTowacoMole

    Joe is a known deadbeat in the construction industry. He doesn’t pay his subs and recently he pissed of the WRONG roofing company, for which he’s going to have major problems coming his way. This is a company you don’t mess with and Joe knows better.

    Joe is so in debt, just watch it all unfold, you’ll see.

    He’s also known as a skirt chaser and has a beautiful blonde girlfriend.

    It will come out soon. Trust. But does anyone really care about this NJ juicehead? He looks and walks like an ape and Teresa’s face is from planet of the apes.

    Joe’s blondie looks like Nicole Brown Simpson. You’ll see. He got caught.

    • Call It Like I See It

      you’re right about Joe. He has over 26 judgements for unpaid debt.

    • Sierra Symone

      You sure as hell called that one! I saw last night that they’re flat broke. Either that or they have some money buried in the dirt somewhere! He looks like the type to have a few broads tucked away somewhere! I hope they can bounce back from this (financially). This can take a toll on any marriage. Especially one with small children involved. I wonder if Teresa knew the business was in trouble?

    • CarmenLucianaMarellaDonatellaAnnaGiancarloVanettiDiCarloMozzarella

      You mean Tara?

    • connie

      Shame on you…what are you the town cryer or KIM G? Sounds like something she would spread around…just because or maybe even Danielle…Hello is that you Danielle???

    • How in the world can Joe have a girlfriend? Didn’t Teresa tell us that they have relations every day sometimes twice a day. WIth that and 4 children, how does he have the time?

  • Tina

    Someone pls. tell me that Teresa is acting. Saying to the nurse, “Can I put frou frou things on her?” a few minutes after her baby is born. ??? I’m thinking Gia is a diva brat b/c she has to be. She is way smarter than Teresa, probably from the help, who she apparently spends the most time with. Teresa is the Italian version of a notable basketball star’s wife in LA with the notable lack of intelligence. Luckily T rules! She is much sweeter than the venom of V.

  • Lidia

    Teresa is so materialistic and stupid at same time.She does not need a BIGGGG HOUSE like that.She spoils her kids….they will never learn anything by being so materialistic.

  • Prostitution Whore

    I think her house is beautiful and if she and Joe can afford it…great! However, I LOVE the fact that Joe has the construction business but all the properties they own are in Teresa’s name…go figure…I smell funny business…

    • Call It Like I See It

      they can’t afford it…well maybe they get to keep that house by filing for ch. 7

  • Call It Like I See It

    Funny thing about Joe and Teresa is that they filed for Ch. 7 Bankruptcy (case# 0939032 10/29/09) last year an together thay have 26 odd judgments and liens against them. I got the info I just stated from public records. These people are liars and frauds. They don’t have half of what they pretend to have.

  • Angela M.

    Teresa’s house is huge but boring. very cold appearing..it has no character and looks like a fancy hotel lobby…..
    (It can’t compare to Kate Walsh’s or Scarlet Johannson’s homes-chk them out).

    Her daughters are ugly spoiled brats .especially Gia and Milania…Gabriella is the only cute one.

    • Lisa D.

      You should be ashamed of yourself calling children ugly. They are beautiful angels. You must be a miserable human being! Get a life instead of talking about little kids you low-life piece of trash!

  • Liz

    Just today I read that Joe and Theresa say their combined income per month is only around 7,000. They had to report their income while giving depositions for another bankruptcy filing. It appears they owe 11 million dollars and their great big house is being foreclosed on as they owe all the contractors that they never payed and for materials also. I bet the reason they payed in case for the furniture is the people who have heard about them won’t take anything but cash. Now how do people who make only 7,000 a month build a house like that……. by scamming everyone. If they own rental property then they better sell it and pay some of their bills. These people are either scum, mafia or my best bet both.

  • Vern

    I cant believe this crazy tacky bitch was spending more then she could every possibly make. This is so embarrassing I mean really how do you spend more then you make. The family is definitely shady there is no way that “family” will give you 10 k a month. I feel bad for her ugly girls who now have to go to school and find out from their classmates that mommy and daddy and dumb broke idiots who cant manage money!!!! Luckily your daughters are not going to go to college that will save you some money! Or maybe their ugly mother can show them how to find a really winner like their DADDY GOOD LUCK LOSERS!!!

  • lolly


    • elo2282

      I agree Gia does act very spoiled, but I don’t agree with you calling a 9 year old the ugliest girl you have ever seen and a pig. That’s uncalled for coming from an adult. If you have children next time you make a post like this, please consider how you would feel if someone made comments like this for the whole world to see.

    • Cathy

      I have a hunch that you’re Danielle. I think Teresa is beautiful, as well as her daughter Gia. I think Gia’s attitude is what makes her seem not “quite as beautiful.” I believe all children are beautiful, and it’s really disgusting that you would be so filled with hate to post something like this in regards to a child. Danielle likes to use that word “karma” a lot!!!!

      • This one goes to 11

        Do you use a seeing-eye dog or a white cane?

  • Lee

    Teresa is very attractive,but she is a moron. She is not very articulate nor bright. Dumb blonde disguised as a brunette. She makes us Italian women look very ignorant. She’s materialistic and her children are way too spoiled. I’m sorry but Gia is not very pretty. She’s got way too much to say for 9 yrs.old. Looks like they bit off more than they can chew with their spennding!

  • Jim

    What an ugly woman. God her face is like a man’s face with a mask on it. Those wide huge ugly eyes and she looks hairier than a 60 year old Greek man. Her kids are super ugly too. Too bad the kids got their looks from both mommy and daddy. Wow. Ugly ugly little kids too.

  • elo2282

    I am so confused at how they were able to get these loans with an income of only 80k a year? Something’s not adding up. I wonder what their life will be like after bankruptcy. I do know that it is impossible to get cc’s with high limits. I guess they will have to live off of 10k a month handouts from family members! The show will be interesting next year if this is true and they lose their house and fancy Escalade. Maybe they just won’t show her house like they did on the first season, they only showed the mansion which they weren’t living in for the whole season. I think they were too embarrassed to show it, considering Danielle called it a dump with linoleum floors.
    Does anyone know if it’s true that Joe has a blonde gf? That is news to me

  • Anthony

    They are filing for bancruprcy!

  • Pingback: Foreclosure.com Blog · Teresa Giudice: Bankruptcy could mean foreclosure on house in Towaco for ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ diva()

  • hmmm?

    It always confuses me when people blast so called Reality TV Stars. I was reading some of the negative responses. How stupid T is and Caroline Manzo is over the top, Joe is a Dumb typical NJ Gumba and Gia should slap, Media Whores!

    Believe me I’m smelling what you are stepping in but one day I just choose to watching and moved on to something else and not care about Reality TV stars.

    Media has created two monsters those who are in a Reality TV (Heidi Montage poor little thing) show and those who watch (us).

    Think about it!

  • KEV

    Um, Kenny…you have a LOT of new viewers today 🙂 Don’t know how many will come back to look at any of the other homes on here besides this place, but your site traffic must have gone up by 1000 percent.

    As far as this house-not bad, but another instance of someone building a house beyond their “income” and the way she throws cash around, I can’t truly say exactly what the sources of that income may actually be. Better not write anymore or I might get a visit from a bunch of guys that look like extras from the Sopranos.

  • KEV

    Just realized these comments go back a year. Oh well, read a little more carefully next time.

  • Can’t Stand Criminals

    I cannot stand these irresponsible losers–they are a big reason why our country is in so much trouble.

    I hope they end up in a split level 3 bedroom–or better yet, homeless. They are in a large way responsible for the millions of INNOCENT Americans who lost their jobs because tof this type of behavior (spending money they KNEW they couldn’t afford.

    Teresa is the most ignorant, classless, and vulgar woman–even more than that skank Danielle because she *thinks* she is so much better than Danielle. Guess what Teresa–you are a skank too!

    And her children are SOOOOOOOOOOO ugly! My God! Gia is homely in a kind of cute way now (like one of those little trolls) but when she grows up, she’s just going to be homely and a unibrow like her mama! Gia and Melania looks like they are little frogs!

    They look just like the Rubbles from the Flintstones–don’t they? Bunch of web-footed assholes who don’t have a modicum of common sense!


    • people should think before htey poen there mouths

      get a life, what kind of person rips on a little girl, the girls are all very cute.

      • laughingwhilewatching

        Teresa, moms always think their kids are cute. you are either a family member or Teresa, cause those kids are definitely not cute.

        • ican’tbelieveyoupeoplearesayingthisstuff

          Wow. I really can’t believe this vitriol coming out of everyone’s fingertips. How in the world can you call a child ugly? Are you that unhappy with your life that you feel the need to rip other people’s children? How low can you go?

          And as for the accusation that THEY are responsible for the unfortunate plight of millions of Americans, well, you’ve got it all figured out, haven’t you? The rise of interest rates, billions of dollars in bailouts, the fall of major banks, AIG, and oh yes … THE GIUDICES! Good grief. If you don’t like what you see on television, go change the channel. Do anything else, but for goodness sake! Don’t call little girls frogs. You never know what your child will end up looking like!

  • EFD

    Calling the parents names for whatever they are doing to your peoples lives to be calling them stuff is one thing, and fine to think a child isn’t cute or whatever, but to name them by name and cut them down because you don’t like what the parents are doing is not cool at all, dumb ass, crap put on the internet last forever some one later on in life find this crap you are spraying about these children and show it to them, how hurtful to find out how hated you were by strangers just because they didn’t like what their parents were doing. what did these little girls do to anyone of you that bad mouthed them?

    • ican’tbelieveyoupeoplearesayingthisstuff

      here here.

  • RichmondNJ

    This situation is sad. The house is, sadly, an architectural abomination. It is filled with people who are, sadly, completely undereducated. And sadly, many people are going to get screwed out of a lot of money.

    The thing I think is hilarious is that this NJ “mansion” backs up to Interstate 287. How classy!!!

  • Lindsey Lovehands

    Teresa has the LOWEST hairline of any up-right walking primate I’ve ever seen, and I believe, unlike some on here, that while it is weird to call the kids names since they only know what their parents teach them, they are still NOT attractive, not a one of them. And as for Gia being a “star” and an “actor” and a “model”….PUUUULEEEASE…the kid is a patheitic premadonna but without the justification. It’s one thing for a parent to be immensely proud of their child’s talents, (yet Gia has NONE) or a child actor or performer to be a “wee-bit” precocious, again if they actually HAVE talent, but this kid is totally devoid of ANY talent, except for maybe whining and pitching fits. Good luck with that acting career.

    As for the loser parents, I never liked them, and I am Italian, but they are an embarrassement to my people. Hell, Joe, paesano…why’d you have to go all “central casting goomba” on us…is it just me or weren’t the Sopranos cancelled? But I guess in the end, they were just poser deadbeats, spending money they didn’t have, at least not legally obtained that they want anyone to know about. You make me sick, thanks for your contribution to the failing US economy. And btw, Teresa, your Jersey “patois” is PATHETIC..and when the agent told you that Gia needs to lose the Jersey accent if you ever hope for her to make it into movies and you said no..that shows how loose your grasp on reality really is. And sorry Cherry…just because all you Jersey girls talk like ignorant lemmings doesn’t make it right.

    • laughingwhilewatching

      I want some “koufee”. Still can’t get that out of my head.

      • L_In_NJ

        For the record, it’s “kawfee”

    • L_In_NJ

      Are you serious? Ignorant lemmings? I beg to differ. It’s a dialect, an accent. People from the south have accents and different dialects, as do people from the mid west and people who immigrate here from other countries. So I guess according to you, anyone who does not speak the Queen’s English is ignorant. I think you should get off your high horse, get your head out of your ass, and get over yourself. Do not judge other people before you know them. Teresa was right “People make fun of Jersey girls, but I think it’s because they’re JEALOUS.”

  • Jen1980

    I agree with everyone who says they are trash with money. But WHY must you say that her children are ugly? What does that have to do with anything? That’s just cruel.

    • Debrah

      Although I agree that it’s kinda cruel to comment about the children’s looks….But why would you continuley persue a modeling and acting career for Gia, when clearly this little girl is not pretty and has no talent.I know that sounds cruel, but isn’t more cruel to subject her to enormous rejection.The fact is, that family is not attractive and for some reason the parents think by pretending to have money, is the way to live and raise your family…..very sad and disgusting to pass on to your children, they learn what they live

  • casey

    Man…you people are brutal!! While I agree that Teresa and Joe probably aren’t the brightest crayons in the box and have been, shall we say, a tad extravagant when they have nothing to back it up, picking on the children is hitting below the belt. Those poor kids can’t help how they look or how they behave…they are little carbon copies of the adults in their lives. The girls’ lives are probably about to be turned upside down and I for one, feel kind of bad for them. They have been spoiled rotten and don’t know anything else..People, please don’t be unkind to those little girls..they have done nothing wrong.

  • Blumpkin

    Teresa looks like a Tranny, plain and simple. Busted up Tranny. All these hew-bags on NJ housewives are all grouped in the same abysmal category — Faces like horses. I honestly cannot comprehend how people of this demented stature pay themselves homage to their Italian background. Look in the fucking mirror you dumb cunts. Your repulsive and you have nothing in common with real Italians. This show is one big Tranny Train Wreck and the carnage better metastasize. Fake, sycophantic Guineas at best. Bitch has a hairline like a Chimpanzee. Hear that Joe, your fucking a Chimpanzee. Pathetic.

  • jill

    so much for a pretender, ya right! you know TERESA , actualy it is more expensive to pretend to be rich than be rich.Thank you for the debt you have incurred on me and my family, next time ,puuhlease spend your damn money .

    • LEELEE

      Thats what I’m saying!!! Everyone is talking about this and that. “Why are you people so concerned about her being broke” Hell I’m just trying to make sure that I don’t have to pay towards the mess that she and her midget husband have made. I also feel bad for the people that these two fraudulent fools have stiffed. Those people too have families, careers, homes, and cars. They built their house beautifully and now they don’t even get paid…wth? And this Ape looking “Italian” (real Italian women don’t behave that way, they are all about their family they would never jeopardize their family like this wanna be has done!) gets to live like a wanna be Barbie while those people have to pick up the pieces of their lack of financial responsibility..thats not right!

  • Angela M.

    I love watching this show just to see how dumb Teresa really is.
    Her home is cold and gaudy looking. It doesn’t have any charm at all.
    I know its rude to speak badly of innocent children, however, Teresa’s girls are not innocent. Gia is a nasty brat, I would love to just slap the shit out of her…
    Whom ever in their right mind would hire Gia as a model with that face.

  • Mary

    All of those choosing to comment on this show as well as this family should reevaluate your priorities. Since most of you claim to have multiple homes it should not be difficult to allocate your resources toward the pursuit of dignity, “class” as you brazenly refer to it, and literacy by turning off the television and picking up a book.

    Good Luck and God help this country.

  • Elizabeth

    Mary, if anyone is going to reevaluate their priorities it should be the Giudices who have lived so far beyond their means that they now owe over $11,000,000.00 to creditors. I’ll bet those the Giudices owe wish they’d done that as well…

    It’s ashamed these two can’t afford to furnish the house, on last night’s episode Teresa’s voice was echoing, it was as bare as NeNe Leakes rented crib. Who has a housewarming party and has to rent furniture….well maybe a couple of bankrupt fools.

  • Mary

    And why does how they live or how they fail to live concern you? Rented or unrented furniture? Echoing or silent home? In the red or in the blue? Goodness, do you truly give a damn?

    • laughingwhilewatching

      They wanted what they got, they put it out for everyone to evaluate. What does it concern you? Teresa is a pig, she was the one that instegated the whole thing at the “Fashion Show” with Daniell, they attacked her. I hope the teen (whatever her name is) also gets fines and jail time for the assult on Daniell.

  • Pamixx


    How do you fgure Treasa looks like a Tranny?? Do you mean Daneille..Beverly???
    Take a better look at Treasa, shes 100% a women that just gave BIRTH!
    I don’t see what you see?
    Why are people even coming on this website to trash such a sweet Italian mama?
    I think because lots of these people posting either hav NO family or wish (Like i do! lol) they had Treasa and Joes family to be happy. IMOP

    • Shannon

      Tee-Tee looks like a man in drag, she slaps on makeup like Tammy Faye Baker. No wonder Joe is cheating with Tara, waking up with a drag queen every morning he deserves a fling and a little happiness.

      And if you think Joe is happy you’re a fool……..

      Happy men don’t cheat on their wives.

    • Sara

      Sweet Italian mama? Have you been living under a rock? She spent 11 million she didn’t have and now taxpayers have to foot the bill. Sweeeeeeet!

  • Pamixx

    Lindsey Lovehands says

    How much more of an ass can you be?? Gia and the rest of the girls are GORGOUS! You must be thinking about your mom and sisters not Joe and Treasas lil girls? Are you maybe thinking about someone elses????
    I have not in my life time seen such beautiful lil girls! The when the last little girl was born, OMG what a stunner!
    I think they all look like Joe, they have his eyes and smile.
    Joe & Treasa are so lucky to have such lookers-watch them in their teen years Joe! Boys out of control! LOL

    Worry about your looks fire crotch-Lindsey Lovehands

    • This one goes to 11

      Pamixx or should I say Teresa, you are nasty and rude.

      • Sara

        This is definitely Teresa! I love how she deliberately and repeated mis-spells the name for authenticity. It’s about as authentic as your ‘chateau’ style McCheesyMansion!

  • Ashlee

    Did the Giudices pay anyone? The Bankruptcy papers are proof that this family is so out of control financially and have spent money that they don’t have. I wonder how Joe would feel if a customer ordered $100,000.00 worth of marble to build an estate then swindled him and left him with the bill from the manufacturer……
    People Magazine references Joe not paying utilities on the rental homes, leaving his tenants without amenities they’d paid for. What a con artist!!!

    Joe and Teresa are slimy, they knew they couldn’t afford the home but instead of stopping construction they continued to scam other businesses. There is no excuse for their irresponsible behavior, NONE! It looks as though it won’t be long before Teresa goes back to linoleum floors in a used house in Joisy….Planet of the Apes returns to the zoo.

  • J Taylor

    I love their excuses for bankrupcy…the economy (not taking responsibilities for your OUTRAGES spending habits). Well my husband is a contractor (like Joe) and also owns other small businesses (like Joe) and we also have inner city properties (like Joe), we live in a 6000 sq ft custom home and guess what…we’re paying our freakin bills. Why, because when times were flush we saved our money…never in a million years would I go spend $100,000 for furniture for one room when I knew I owed the lumber company $91,000 for my house! Those two are so pathetic and they should be forced to sell that house. How do you owe 11 million and throw a house warming party or go shopping? These people make me sick and as far as their kids go, many of you say not to attack these innocent kids but I put the blame on the parents…why would you allow your young kids to be participate in a show like this? If you put yourself or your family out there…be ready for the good and the bad. Also, since it is said that any money they make from here forward will not go to their debtors, I will never purchase her cookbook or anything else from those people, they’ll just do it all over again. They’re sick people.

  • georgia peach

    I heard they have both parents living in the downstairs of the mansion to help babysit and cover the mortgage. So NJtowaco mole do spill the dirt about joe’s girlfriend and when did he get caught? Do tell inquiring minds want to know.

    • CarmenLucianaMarellaDonatellaAnnaGiancarloVanettiDiCarloMozzarella

      Joe has taken Tara to construction sites already. The guys have known about her for sometime. Teresa’s going to be in for a big surprise when Tara has her “reveal.”

      • Bellevuewafan

        HoW do you know about this mistress? What else do you know?

  • jeannie

    i love teresa. i was shocked to read all the nasty remarks that were left here. i think you are all jealous of her. i don’t waste that much energy on someone i don’t care for. you are just trying to hurt her feelings and its nasty. all of the remarks are out of line and just nasty, what business is it of yours how she builds her house,pays her bills, decorates, dresses, talks, or lives? do you pay her bills? i find that attacking her children is uncontionable behavior for an adult. i think that is an act of war. why can you just embrace her and develope a sense of diversity so you can enjoy the world around you? there is alot of hate here, just a gleaming example of why there will never be world peace. all over somebody else’s life style? its really none of your business and if you don’t like her, just don’t watch. sounds more like a lot of jealous haters. i love my teresa, caroline, dina and jackie. i am not going to read anymore BS about them, because i love them. they have bigger hearts and souls than any of the people that have been writing on this website. to intentionally set out to hurt another human being is just wrong. these are the best housewives around. and what does race have to do with anything here? are you sure this is not a website for the klu klux klan? jealous,racial, haters go away so we can fill this website with some positive energy and give these ladies extra love to make up for the hurt that the jealous, racial,

    • laughingwhilewatching

      No they don’t have bigger hearts and souls than anyone watching, they are mean and Teresa is a loud mouth bitch. They are on a reality show, that is why it is our business, they put themselves out there to be judged, and we are judging. You can’t judge me, because you don’t know me, but we have seen and been witness to what they do. If they can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen (which they will probably do, because of the embarrassment). And those kids are spoiled brats.

  • jeannie

    sorry i wasn’t finished. give these ladies lots of love to try to mend all the hate the jealous racial haters have been trying to inflict upon them. lots of good energy their way, love and peace and continue to be the beautiful human beings that they are. move over haters. i just don’t get it. what is wrong with you people, shame on you for attacking any child like this. shame shame shame

    • LEELEE

      I too believe in love, peace, and happiness (you’re not the only one lol). However, I also believe in living within your means. How does it affect the rest of us? Well lets start with this. Considering the facts that they have filed for bankruptcy yet have been on television splurging into things that are not necessities that they clearly can’t afford I would say it involves anyone that pays a penny towards taxes. Because now the rest of us will have to pay for those prada bags, crystallized diapers, and diamond encrusted hummer limos that clearly she or her husband could not afford! So shame on you for not be considerate of others who actually do get up daily, work hard, and are happy and live within their means. Teresa said so herself “I hear the economies crashing thats why I pay cash” the girl is a con artist. She and her husband knew they were broke from the start and were not going to pay back any of that money.

  • jeannie


    • casey

      Yes, I believe in Love and Peace too..I also happen to really like Teresa ‘on the show’..what I think is sad is that they probably went into debt like crazy so that they would appear on television as ‘well to do’ and we all believed that they had this great over the top lifestyle which they could afford. I am disappointed that it was all a farce and that we as viewers were kind of duped. There are lots of very hard working people out there that dream of having a home like theirs and be able to go on extravagant shopping sprees, but they are responsible with their money. I think that people are just sick of ‘instant celebrities’ who think they are entitled to live a lavish lifestyle, even if that means going into financial ruin. I would imagine there are many people that have been forced to file bankruptcy due to no fault of their own during this awful economic climate and to see ‘celebrities’ go out and spend enormous amounts of money on furniture, parties, etc. is frustrating. I just wonder if this will be addressed on the next season of Real Housewives of New Jersey.

  • Susan

    Tacky house…tacky people

  • Matt C.

    This is just a statement for all of you out there who are calling this house “ugly, you wouldnt want it, GODDY” you are all jealouse and need to get over yourselfs this is a beautifull house!!! You all are probaly Democrats!! And want to live off the state!!

    • Raven

      Yeah we are all jealous because we’re not in millions of dollars in debt. Gee…That’s just what I always wanted!!! Too bad you didn’t take advantage of the state’s schooling provisions. Goddy? Jealouse?! Yourselfs?! Beautifull?! LOL. Learn how to spell before you start getting fancy and tossing around political based digs!

    • LV

      You sound like a repuke moron too!

  • Lady Kesh

    LMAO…I find it hilarious how people are going in on these people. Only in the good ol’ U S of A do people talk so much ish and freedom of speech is pure entertainment. Love this damn country. Quit judging what other people do…no one in the world is perfect. Dying over here, how people are commenting on how she talks. I bet if she talked proper and had a stick up her tush, people would say she think she’s all that. Crazy how we got time to criticize others, but can’t fix our own damn problems first. Look at yourself first because breaking the mirror will not change your image…remember that. Bitter people, but hey if you like it, I love it

    • laughingwhilewatching

      The rest of us are not on reality shows, showing off what we can’t afford. “Quit judging what other people do”, if they didn’t want to be judged why are they in a reality show, being people they have no right being. They are the ones that are show offs and that is what they wanted, when they signed up for the show. They wanted to be Big Stars, now they are. Not what they expected, not our fault.

  • so some dam hatas yall which yall had kids and ha kids r not ugly why wud u talk a bout little kids……………………………get a life and talk wat u knw not wat u read online !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    That’s one ugly POS house.

  • What’s not to love

    What is there to be jealous of?

    Public humiliation??? Appearing on national television is a sign of desperation, these two have aired their dirty laundry for a paycheck and from what their BK papers state, Bravo doesn’t pay very well.

    The Giudices have A FIFTY YEAR MORTGAGE that they can’t afford if they’re not paying their creditors. ***IF*** hahaha they did pay it off it they’d be close to 90 years old and let’s not forget, the bank owns that home until it is paid off.

    Joe has been charged with DUI, while INCARCERATED he was served with other warrants from Clifton, NJ.

    Owing Bloomingdales $6400.00?

    Owing Citi Bank $21,000.00 on a credit card?

    Owing Citi Bank $20,700 on another credit card?

    Owing Home Depot $21,000?

    Owing Dan Ban Construction $85,000.00?

    Owing Dime Savings Bank $1,300,000.00?

    Owing Exelsior Lumber $91,200.00?

    Owing Home Depot another $7,100.00 and then another $7,200.00?

    Owing Joseph Mastrapole $586,000.00?

    All of that is just for starters, there is so much more debt that my fingers would be worn out from typing.

    I’d say there isn’t much to be jealous of. Only a complete moron would want to be in their shoes and have to face the world knowing they’ve humiliated themselves and continue to do so. The utter embarrassment must be overwhelming. Teresa is in debt up to her eyeballs, she and Joe both are uneducated and stuck with four kids, Joe probably needs to be in AA. If the walls in that house could talk I’ll bet they tell a very different story than what they’d like people to believe is a happy home. That house isn’t worth the turmoil they’re putting their own children through.

    I can’t wait until the young, petite, blonde woman surfaces and she will, it’s only a matter of time, right T?

    • CarmenLucianaMarellaDonatellaAnnaGiancarloVanettiDiCarloMozzarella

      That would be the young blonde woman named Tara….Joe has taken her to construction sites and the guys have met her.

      Teresa’s on her way out whether or not she knows it….

      • What’s not to love

        Thanks Carmen, I knew that would be coming down the pipe soon. With an embarrassing mall cruiser who needs to be in a shopaholics anonymous meeting 7 nights a week I can understand why he’s looking for ***company*** outside the home (not to mention T is not much to look at.)

        Any other details about the young, petite, blond Tara?

        • CW

          I just can’t wait to see what will happen on the reunion, that psycho is pushing Andy Cohen back in his chair. That primal scream do not break up my family comment.
          Wonder if Danielle struck a nerve. I tell you once in a while a squirrel finds a nut and not just an empty shell.
          Is this what it has come to, telling everyone else who is the crazy bitch and then acting like one. T don’t sit in your big 12 k sqft glass house and throw rocks. Acting like a puta infront of camera in so many ways. Are you high on coke??? Just asking because no normal person would flaunt it like you have with 4 KIDS. Should have someone call the social welfare, and put her in jail, stupid bitch.

  • sorrybut

    Anyone who says to stop being judgmental-you must be as dumb as Teresa! And talking about the children? Same thing.
    Why? Because that’s the POINT of these stupid reality shows.
    THAT is why they are there. What they signed themselves & their children up for. Only the kids don’t get to decide-do they?
    The only ones not being nice are the people who sign-up for this.
    Stop telling people what they can and can not judge. How dare you!
    Oh yeah, and the “jealously” idea is getting kinda old-ya think?
    To repeat: they put themselves there to be judged.
    It is a lesson to others not to do the same thing.
    Maybe “jealous” people, try the same thing?
    Most normal people would not.
    Oh yeah, and to those who say, “you should try being on a reality show…”
    No thank-you! Most normal people would NEVER do that to themselves or their familys.
    Personally, it makes me sad to see little children criticized and HATED!
    But it sure is not the fault of the people doing it.
    It is the fault of the parent for being a PIMP of their kids.
    I LOVE to see it in a way, because it will help keep other people from ruining their lives.

  • Hayfa

    the vidoe doesn’t work why

  • Maya Granville

    My parents know Theresa and her husband Joe very well. I’ve met her and her family a few times before I moved to Beverly Hills,CA and she is not a wealthy person at all, She and her family lived in a mini shack before that mansion that they can’t afford. IDK? how they owe $11 million to the credit card companys? They have always borrowed money from my parents and never paid it back. If they know they couldn’t afford the house why even risk getting it build like it doesn’t make sence. It’s hard to figure her out.

  • Thomas

    I own a 2700 sq, ft home. I paid it off (11 years) from working hard.
    Four kids and we owe nothing. Period.

    I really could use more storage and another bedroom but other than that
    our home works. A 12K sq ft home is RIDICULOUS. Once again, PERIOD.

    Typical people trying to impress people they know (and don’t know) with
    money they don’t have. Wannabees that are still wannabees with even less.

  • truthiness

    Watching this video is laughable now. “Look at what I stole. And look at what else I stole. And, yeah, I stole this too!”

    This video and feature should be taken off this website because they are not rich and were never rich. They’re criminals.

    • Goldie

      LMAO “Look at what I stole”

  • Leila

    Throw away about 80% of the over the top ugly “designer” crap and you’d have a nice house.

  • Lobo

    Hmm you should check the Smoking Gun website. Papers were filed by the Trusteee of the BK court on June 30 to DENY the bankruptcy and their mansion pictured above IS now in foreclosure AND the trustee wants to auction off all what is inside this mansion on August 22! Why ? Because they LIED and hid assests. Her book, her clothing and jewelry line, the pizza shop they showed on TV. The stupid idiots. Went on TV and spilled the beans on themselves. The court papers filed by the trustee is on the Smoking Gun site. Check them out.

  • tony

    What a Joke..this is what America has become and watches on TV? FAILURES?

  • I liked it! Too bad you are losing it all…did you save any money for the rough times? I hope so. Don’t like the arial shots of the property, looks like a construction lot and messy. Get back to your roots and be good people. Wish you the best always.

  • Bellevuewafan

    Does Joe really have a girlfriend on the side? I’m sorry, but I cannot begrudge him for that, should it be true. His wife is too hard to please. He can’t win for losing. She dug her own grave, in several instances. How do “you” know about the mistress? Dies anyone else know these people? My husband owns his own business and works hard to keep it going in tough economical times, not only for us, his family, but also for his employees. If someone doesn’t lay for what they purchased it hurts everyone from the owner of the business from which a service/item was purchased, and his family to the employees and their families. They should show a little remorse. It is shameful and appalling what they are doing, not to mention what it is teaching their children.

  • HaHaLiveInYoMeans

    I like Teresa because she is too stupid and clueless not to like and feel sorry for. I think she really was not aware of their finances. She is a good wife & mother but she is still very unattractive with too big eyes waaaay too far apart. It would have been smarter for her to go in debt with laser treatments for her hairline than that tacky house-and yes her children are ugly too. Just because the kids are adorably rotten has nothing to do with the ugly features they inherited from their ugly parents, which is why you do not marry an ugly person if you know you are ugly too it is not fair to the kids. You have to look out for your offspring. Too bad for thinking keeping it real is mean. The parents know they and their kids are ugly and besides kids and teenagers are much meaner when it comes to keeping it real. U_G_L_Y 4 reals

    • ro

      u must be a TEENAGER – u sound like one

  • Guiseppe

    What a bunch of posers. Looks like they’re facing a couple counts of perjury too from the trustees court filing denying their bankruptcy claim. Denying that claim opens them up to judgements and collections they will be faced with for the rest of their lives. I wonder if they can attach those fake bubbies she had done last year. I can see it now when the constable shows up at her door with a writ of replevin demanding that she give up her titties right then and there.

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  • Theresa made a fool out of herself on the Aug 2010 “The View” show. Her explanation for the financial woes – was ridiculous.

    Also ridiculous, is how selfish she is to ask for a diamond ring, and pressure her husband for monetary things while she/he allegedly owe 11m. Taking her daughter’s shopping at that posh shop is outrageous.

    Based on legal documents that are public, foreclosure proceedings are underway. While the home has not been foreclosed on, which is true, she fails to make that distinction in her public remarks. They are appealing the foreclosure action.

    As for her instigating trouble with Danielle, Theresa is clearly bitchy. She looks like a fool.

    • CW

      Amen, there you go Teresa, stupid bitch. Watch the View on the net, I watched her. She said she has a college degree. Where did she get that one from…a cereal box cut out… No one with a degree, a real education is going to talk the way she talked. She has no education, no real career experience, no business sense, she is a dumb bitch that people loves to hear talk, even though she makes no sense. I looked at her book, what a bunch of crap. She has no real cooking talent, what it’s in that book an idiot can throw together. She is a nobody that wants to be a somebody.
      Not even rich noveau. Sigh…

  • straddlingthefence

    Ummm…the house is extravagant, beautiful. I do think that its more of a mosh-bosh(lots of dif styles) of different things. All the choices were beautiful, but they don’t all go together and it would be hard to call it ecclectic. It doesn’t flow, but I love, love, love the girls play room; and I love her daughters’ names!!! She’s cool with me. I hate to hear about her family’s financial woes.

  • Danielle

    Finally the truth comes out and hopefully they will end up in prison where they belong. Trailer trash the entire family give the kids to the state they will have a better life then visiting mommy and daddy in the state pen.


    Danielle..is that you??? Or is it Beverly, or Angela, or whomever…if so, you are a skanky HO, who should have YOUR kids taken by DYFUS…in fact I may just call them myself..with all of the random men/women you keep dragging into you home to F you..they may just want to move in on your girls..and I bet you would let them as long as they were paying your hooker ass…

  • alnmicsmm

    As horrible as it is to admit it, I have laughed out loud at a lot of the remarks made on this board the good the bad and the ugly. I do feel sorry for Teresa only because I think she’s very much in denial and she’s been drinking too much of the Kool-aid that’s being fed to her by her husband. That being said I do believe she must have had some knowledge of her own situation.

    She figured why not file for bankruptcy if she can hide all sorts of assets and just start another cycle of out of control spending as soon as she’s filed the paperwork. We need to better improve our system so people cannot ever walk away from their debts. It should follow you forever, with the exception of people thru no fault of their own have fallen on hard times.

    Fortunately, a lot of the ridiculous spending was well documented, thx Bravo!
    I’d be quite satisfied with a judge simply throwing out their case and taking back what they’ve stolen.

    For those of you out there that think some of us are jealous some of you may be right. I think what I am jealous of is the fact that I have to be accountable for my actions and pay my bills while some people can simply file some paperwork and get a “Fresh start”. My husband works for a bank and his terms of employment state that he can NEVER file for any kind of bankruptcy or he will be fired. We’ve been affected by the economy as well but we don’t get a fresh start. We just have to keep working.

    I don’t think I’d be so angry if I didn’t feel like this woman just looks down her nose at everyone. Making stupid comments about living in used houses and so on.

    If I could address her directly, I would tell her that I knew her as the bully in high school, the mean girl, the snob. She keeps a very clean home and can make a mean pasta. I’d rather have a little dust and eat sauce from a jar so I can be PRESENT in my children’s lives. Anyone can dress their kids to the nine’s on someone else’s dime. What about teaching them to have respect for elders? What about making them work for what they have by sharing in some of the household chores? Don’t try and play the martyr by saying you do all your own cooking and cleaning. The house is shiny, the food is terrific….but you are raising some of the most entitled and spoiled children I’ve ever seen. If you can’t see it now trust me you will within the next 10 years.

    Perhaps that will be the karmic slap that awaits you. Anyhoo….what’s the scoop on this Tara chick???

    • CW

      She needs some bitch slapping from Joe. He was right in Italy, she has no respect for him, and then kick him in the ass while his family is watching.
      I would have given her a round in the hotel room for the shit she pulled.

  • Rahiq Syed

    OMG! Those children are ugly. They look like little troll dolls. Even worse, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I am almost certain they are missing a chromosome.

  • LV

    Joe always looked like his mind was rushing a 1,000 miles and hour-now I can understand why. He was aware of his demise and sick to his stomach.

    Too bad for the girls-now what will they call “FABULOUS” ???

  • Blue balls

    LOL…to the person who says everyone wants to be italian! That’s just what I want to be some loud mouth, fat, hairy, no class, show off, pasta eating, greasy, stupid person that just roams the earth mindlessly. Yes, that’s it, we all want to be italian. Italian girls are hairy and have a temper like a 2 year old. To all the jerks that are going to complain about this…truth hurts. The real shame in all this are the way Teresa’s children act…that’s the future of this country. Think about that!

    • The NJ wife

      LMFAO…. The Giudices blatantly robbed america and some idiot that calls herself sicilianprincess says we just want to be italians…what the hell does that have to do with the issue at hand. Ignorance is amazing. I really would like to know why Kim G. is on the show? She’s really not a housewife just some old dried up drunk that causes stupidity. If she is such a friend to Teresa maybe she’ll pay the bills off for her buddy. Caroline is the only cool one on the show. Danielle is just FUGLY!!!

    • What nationality are you, you spineless moron?? Please tell me so I can tell you what I think of your race, lol. I want to know how you will feel.

      • Sara

        Race? You mean nationality?

      • Sara

        Also, you seem pretty certain you will have plenty of negative things to say about this person’s supposed ‘race’. Would that make you racist?

  • Real (Really) Housewife

    This is not a home of the rich as they website states. This should be called ‘home of somebody living beyond their means.’ Their incomes were recently released in regards to their bankruptcy: Her husband makes a little over 3,000 a month which came out to a whooping 39,000 per year. She gets about the same from Bravo. Bankruptcy documents show that they owe $104,000 on various store credit cards, including $20,000 to Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. They also are behind $85,000 for home repairs and $12,000 in fertility treatments. Not to mention they are MILLIONS of dollars behind in their mortgage payments. WHO in the world is going to be responisble for their assumed debt? When she says, “I had these dresses made for my dauugggters” it is a joke. YOU did not have them made. Your over charged credit card did! Leave within your means! Excess, excess, excess: one of the biggest problems with this country. If you have earned your dollars, more powere to you. But if you rob Peter to pay Paul: shame on you…and then expect the US Gvmt to bail you out: you really are pathetic. By the way I am a REAL housewife!


    • CW

      Teresa must really think that court paper lies, that we who reads them are stupid and can not read. I can understand who people can feel sorry for ppl like these. They laugh at you, smile in the camera and say, I didn’t know and think oh, that is ok, and everything will be fine. No this was just calculating from Teresa and playing stupid is calculating. She is a stupid bitch to think that US Govmt is not on to her Mafia scheme. She is what they say in italy “Ladro di Napolitano” , and thief is a thief is a thief.

  • ravenstar

    My ? is how did Joe get a mortgage for the amount they owe? with and income 70-80,000 per yr, how did they get cc’s for all those stores with that income level? how did they go from a 2 apartment (as was said on the show) to where they are today in just 4-5 yrs ago???? in this economy the construction business isn’t doing that well, and hasn’t been for the last couple of yrs, Please tell they where they found the Jeannie lamp, I would love one of those, as I’m sure everyone in this economy could truely use. Also what is teresa”s maiden name, there are no yearbook pictures of her? also she suppose to have a degree in Fashion, has anyone checked on that, and where did the money come from for that as that college is expensive as well.
    And Joe’s girlfriend Tara, has anyone ever seen her or does she have a Facebook page??? I can’t believe that teresa hasn’t heard about her,

  • Nicole

    What the Guidice’s are going through is terrible, and could happen to anyone. Most of the comments on here are just plain mean. So they filed for the big “B” so what!!! I feel sorry for them and I hope they eventually come out on top. Sounds like to me that the people who commented negative remarks against them are glad to see them “fall from grace” if you will, I dont get it? I guess maybe their jealous that Joe & Teresa had that lifestyle from the begining, why? why do people start sipping on the hatorade when others are doing well is beside me. Good Luck Joe & Teresa.

    • CW

      Having you been sipping on the koolaid too much. How oblivious are you? People don’t shop until they drop like Teresa when they have 11 mil dollars in debt. They don’t go and spend 60k on stuff after they filed the Big B as you call it. If anyone have followd the NJ housewives, she always paid cash back then, this is nothing new. That anyone would believe this bull shit story she spews about her not using creditcards, she was in debt before starting the show, probably why she did the show to generate more money for he so called lifestyle. She is a stupid bitch, and I feel sorry for the SOB joe, get over her, she is a liability, and dead weight to your life.
      People don’t hate Teresa they think she is a stupid bitch because she is using the tax payers to pay for her partying. They find it irresponsible to see a bill for 11 mil to go the taxpayers while she is out spending money as if she was debt free. Irresponsible is the word, and stupid bitch is her name.

    • Shannon

      Nicole who would be jealous of broke 2 PLANET OF THE APES with four wild mongrels?

      The Giudices weren’t accustomed to that lifestyle, their prior home wasn’t valued over a million dollars. Teresa’s mom was a school bus driver, she didn’t grow up wealthy.

      Those two are wanna-be’s who used a fertility clinic, credit card companies, lumber companies and the money and services of others to portray themselves as something they’re not. These two should go to jail and I won’t be surprised if the courts don’t come down hard on them. I’m quite sure the community shuns them.

      That fool Te-Te knows the house isn’t valued at $5,000,000.00 – another big LIE.

      I’ll bet it won’t be long before she and Joe are living above the pizza parlor, I guess Joe wasn’t joking around when he showed it to her.

  • Suzen

    I beg to differ with you. “what the Guidice’s are going through could happen to anyone” is absolutely not true. Our country is not completely filled with materialistic, self absorbed and irresponsible adults. I “happen” to belong to a sector of this beautiful country that believes that I and only I should have to pay for what I purchase. Its called being responsible. No bailouts required here. I planned for the bad times as well as the good. I spend my time preparing for the future and planning for my children. That takes enough of my time that I avoid spending all of my time becoming narcissistic. I know a lot of people that saved for that “rainy day” and are feeling the effects that we caused by so many, but they are hanging in there and continue to live with inside their means and not as these two have. Lessons never taught. Never too late.

  • Fighting Wombat

    Is it me or does Teresa resemble Dr. Zira from The Planet of the Apes…Im just sayin…..

  • ro

    theresa – your kid needs to learn some manners. what a freash mouth she has on her. spoiled rotten – be a good mother a do something about it.

    • CW

      The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and tree is certainly rotten to the core. Just chop it by the neck, and bury it 6 feet under, use it as a bicycle stand to park.

  • If I had that house I would change the outside, the walls would be made out of stones and the roof color would be bashe.That’s what I would do!

    • grammarCOP

      ‘bashe’?? Really? I’m not one of those people who go around correcting spelling & grammar, but the posters on this site make the real housewives of New Joisey seem like goddam Rhodes Scholars! Sweet jesus, what is wrong with this country (besides growing increasingly stupid).

      Beige. The fucking color is BEIGE!

      • canuck

        Beige? Is that what poster was trying to say? I wouldn’t have figured that out in a million years. Jesus, we’re all doomed.

      • Sara

        HIGH-larious! I had no idea that’s what they meant!

        Hang on, not funny at all. Actually tragic.

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  • CW

    Danielle says in the last episode of RHONJ something about Manzo’s friends being “indicted”.

    “The show, the Bravo network’s latest entry in its popular “Real Housewives” series, is to begin being broadcast on May 12. The preview episode was available on the network’s Web site Wednesday morning. The scene showing Mr. Kerik comes in the final three minutes.

    Mr. Kerik will not be a named character on the show, avoiding the path to reality television well worn by former, and lesser, celebrities. But he will appear briefly in an episode training the Manzo family dog, which is related to Mr. Kerik’s own dog, according to a Bravo spokeswoman.

    It just so happens that Mr. Kerik lives in the same town — Franklin Lakes, N.J. — as the Manzos and has been friendly for some years with Ms. Manzo’s husband, Albert Manzo.

    The Manzo family and its banquet site, the Brownstone in Paterson, N.J., are the central focus of the show. The 1800s-era building was also the site of a fund-raiser in December to raise money for Mr. Kerik’s legal defense as he fights a federal indictment on corruption, tax evasion and perjury charges.

    Mr. Kerik is scheduled to face trial in October. Prosecutors contend, among other charges, that as New York City’s correction commissioner Mr. Kerik sought to help a city contractor in exchange for extensive renovations to his Bronx apartment. ”

    So you hold a fundraiser for someone who conducts illegal conduct. This whole thing stinks mafioso. Tiny Manzo ended up in the trunk with a gun shot to his chest, that is also mafioso style execution. Anyone that says that the Manzo are not involved in illegal business should questions that.

    How was it possible for Dina and Tommy Manzo to have this elaborate wedding, 1 150 000 milion dollar, with 605 guest arriving. Who invites 600+ guests, and Tommy himself said that it was his friends that showed up and that Dina had no friends. You don’t make that kind of money running a place like Brownestone, and can place 1000 dollar bottles of wine on the table, and so on. If anyone knows how much money it cost to run a business, understands that no business has 1+ million to spend on this kind of event, period.
    No this family has dirty laundry and it has start to stink.

  • CW

    Ok, so here we go.

    Caroline Manzo go so bent out of shape and crocodile teared up on the first reunion, as well as emotional about her father-in-law, one must wonder why.

    When it was brought up that some of her friends were indicted during her face off on tv, she got stone faced. Well, not really, she just decided to not comment on the thing, hoping and praying that it is was not addressed it would look as if Danielle lied, even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then. Then again, she was not going to give the attention to it, and hope that no one would notice nor care and move on. Not so fast Mrs. Manzo, we all noticed, we saw it was a sensitive spot, and you quickly retirated on to next topic. I guess there is a dead dog buried in all the lying you are suggesting.

    When it comes to lying, again, Mrs. Manzo was not all that truthful, because the Manzo familia is actually mob connected. In fact Albert “Tiny” Manzo was infact mob connected, despite what Caroline Manzo said; “As far as my father-in-law goes, in his lifetime there was never so much as an accusation of him being involved in organized crime.” Mrs. Manzo’s famous line; “Let me tell you something about my family: We’re as thick as thieves, and we protect each other to the end,”… Now am I suppose to think that you are not part of a mob ring, pointing your finger and talking in riddles. It made her infamous, but also the eyes were on her, and her behavior. Not only has been under the radar low key but very much out of the spot light during the second season.

    So back to Tiny, it was reported that he was he was caught skimming the take from an illegal casino owned by the Gambino crime family in Staten Island.
    Robert Buccino of the Union County Prosecutor’s Office, who in 46 years in law enforcement has charged more than 450 made members of La Cosa Nostra, says he knew Tiny Manzo. “He was well-known in the Paterson area,” he tells me, “and his association with organized crime was well-known.”

    Again, Tiny Manzo was mob connected, who knows about the rest of the crowd of the Manzo familia.

    According to VH1 after the big fat wedding between Tommy and Dina Manzo, Tommy did not want it to be aired after he saw the finished product. Maybe it was too revealing, his face was now out there, or is it that he has taken over Tiny’s spot and no one knows about it?

    Many questions to be answered….

  • Ginnifer

    Gee my husband makes as much as Joes reported “$79 thousand” a year, can anyone tell me how we can get a house like that too?
    I promise I won’t decorate it like them. 🙂

  • tbird

    okay, Theresa is sooo disgusting, loud, tacky and has no class whatsoever..she cant even speak properly—–also, am I the only one that thinks that her eyes are on the side of her fricking fugly face….and that oldest thing that she gave birth to, is as fugly as she is, she has the same eyes that that thing has…yuck, yuck, yuck, she gave birth to ugly, fugly downright hideous creatures…someone please tell her to stop with the botox, and go under the knife to fix everything else on her face, and that hair….OMG!!!!!! No wonder Joe cheats……shes like a bad Italian dream……all I have to say is—–yuck

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  • Tribeca

    @CarmenLucianaMarellaDonatellaAnnaGiancarloVanettiDiCarloMozzarella what’s Tara’s last name?

    • BitchSlap

      Was reading another site and they are claiming that this is Tara. Just passing this on as I am just dying to find out who this Tara is and it sounds like Carmenblahblahblah knows her personally and if so, could confirm if this is her:


      • Fighting Wombat

        Welll if that is Tara, its only a little upgrade over Dr. Zira from Planet of the Apes….Tara looks like a blonde Marilyn Manson.

  • rosie

    Teresa dont mind what other people have to say I think your great. Daniel needs to be medicated I think she has borderline personality(chronic feelings of emptiness would you agree?

  • montana

    Tell ya what, I believe some of the guys on here with knowledge of ” TARA” wanna know why? Joe G has burnt some big players, and they are gonna get paid one way or another, if there is a story they will get Paid for their story.

    • BitchSlap

      montana: Just dying to know details… if you know any inside info, can you divulge???

      Joe seems to be done with his ape of a wife and seems to be embarrassed when he’s with her. I would love to see both of them (her especially) go down.

  • Nowwhat

    Can someone please tell if they saw The RH of NJ Reunion Show Part 1 on Monday. Why couldn’t somebody intervene when Teresa’s body was all up in Danielle’s face? How come nobody asked Teresa to sit down? If Teresa didn’t want to comply then somebody should’ve made her sit her behind down or ask her to get off the show. As close as Teresa was to Danielle, let’s say Danielle would’ve got up and punch the crap out of Teresa then Danielle would’ve been at fault, right? I just wish for that moment I was Danielle, I would’ve got right with Teresa in a heartbeat. It wasn’t right for Teresa to be in Danielle’s face like that, I don’t care what Danielle said. Before the show aired the producers should’ve told the ladies whatever you say or whatever you do, do not, I repeat, do not, get up from the couch or you will have to leave. Teresa can’t afford to be sued by Danielle or anyone for that matter, especially when her house, yes her mansion went into foreclosure and to top it off, had to file bankruptcy as well. What was Teresa thinking, oh yeah, she wasn’t

    • CW

      As much as I like the reunion show and Andy, I think Andy has become a ‘doll that carry handbags and not balls’. Not one time have I seen or heard him having done his job as a show host. He has lost his edge of making it interesting, and really got down to the nitty gritty about what really was going on. Never hear that he has done any investigation on his own, instead it is oh let’s see what we have hear on the film. Instead of starting to google, and dig deeper into the small hints that comes on the show to really find out the truth, he has all the resources to find out what really is going on and to ask the right questions. No, there is a dead dog buried here and it stinks. I don’t see him using his stellar sixth sense, and go with the gut feeling. When Teresa gets the uncomfortable face, why didn’t he just ask, why are you looking so uncomfortable, why is it that Danielle makes you so angry, why are you the one that looks that has a mental breakdown. Then continue to grill her about the wasting of money…
      No, this shows that there is people that are holding his hands like a puppet show. Dirty industry in all.

  • Fighting Wombat

    To all you people who think that Teresa will keep their home…THEY WILL ONLY GET TO KEEP IT FOR A LITTLE WHILE……The bank will still have a right to foreclose on it….and based on their salary…the wont be able to pay the note…so BYE BYE house.

  • she’s a b!tch, arggg

    Tbird, LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I noticed her eyes are so far apart they look like they are on the sides of her head. Two of her kids look like her, Gia and the 4 year old with the loud cigerette voice “I Don’t Want It” and they are not cute at all. The 2 youngest maybe have a chance of being somewhat cute being they don’t have her manly features. The worst part is she is making them ugly inside just like her. They are shallow, self-absorbed brats who make you want to smack them HARD. Poor Joe, no wonder her ran off and had a love child. At least the “newphew” doesn’t have Teresa’s fugly genes.

    • CW

      Why would he pull over Teresa and make these kids that are just coming out so fugly, she looks like a tranny. I bet it was dark when he did it, just so he could fantasies about real women that don’t look like a prick chick.

      • Fighting Wombat

        Thanks for the bile you just made me taste..Giggidy

  • Snooty Bootches

    People like Teresa and Joe are the reason the bankruptcy laws changed in the first place. She may get to keep her house (if it’s not foreclosed on) but only if they liquidate or relinquish other assets. You cannot walk away without financial liability anymore when you have assets like that! They are not the sharpest tools in the shed however and may not be aware that the laws changed a few years ago. Dumb asses! And thank you grammar cop!!

  • heyheather

    For whatever subconscious reason, I like Theresa. But about her gaudy house… Does it really surprise or mystify anyone? For heaven’s sake, her husband owns a STUCCO company. Stucco is the epitome of cheap and gaudy. And just so you know, Giudice means “Gaudy” in Italian. lol

  • heyheather

    Oh god! I didn’t make the connection about Theresa’s “nephew”. That’s Joe’s love child?!? It’s too much. People already think we’re crazy here in Jersey, but now they have more ammo than ever.

  • Tanya

    She is just trash and makes NJ women look bad. I was born and raised in NNJ and she is garbage along with her crook husband. Teresa is a spoiled brat with some gawdy home. Look even on the second season how big the rooms are but yet barely furnished? And no I am not jealous of a class-less and gawdy person and her tacky home. That Gia is one who thinks she is this little hot to trot future actress but notice she never gets any jobs but all these acting classes and interviews?!

    And for Joe to think his wife is hot?! Ughhhh she is fugly. The only cute one in that family is Gabriella. Possibly she is adopted?! Gia and Milania look like a light featured version of Teresa. Anyone who doesn’t know her believes that is a man in drag. Perhaps Joe is bisexual and takes what Teresa shoves up his tush at night when he is up nervous about going to the slammer after the investigation is over with.

    • Isabella

      that is so not true thats very disrespectful of you to say your jealous of teresa and her family

  • Isabella

    i love teresa’s mansion it is gorgeous and so is she her whole family is so lucky to have a mom like her she is a cool and awesome mom!!!!

  • Gina

    I know its a weird thing to say but I’m in love with her sink. lol

  • Amy

    ive read most of the comments everyone has left and it sounds like the people with the negative comments are just jealous. Teresa looks like a great person with a beautiful family and a stunning home and i think people should stop with the horrible comments. There was one comment that said ” Ugly……. They all look like bulldogs” Thats just out of order?! JEALOUSY!

  • MB

    I feel that the reason all of the people on here are speaking badly about Teresa and her family is because YOU ARE ALL JEALOUS. Obviously a lot of you have never been to New Jersey. It’s a whole different world there. They say things differently. And if you aren’t from Jersey then you are the one who talks different and sounds funny. Teresa’s girls may be spoiled, but it really isn’t anyone’s business to say mean and nasty things about them. If you don;t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. Obviously your mother’s and father’s never taught you that if you can sit here and say mean things about and woman YOU have never met, and her children. It is just wrong and not very grown up of any of you!!!

  • BitchSlap

    I hope that she is reminded of all the people she and her creep husband put out of business by building that monstrosity… remember, after they built it they filed bankruptcy. They are the lowest form of life. Hope they both rot in jail.

  • luvinlife

    Frankly…it is NONE of anyones business what anyone does in their life! Thats the whole problem with you americans…always poking your nose where it dont belong! Minding other peoples business and bashing someones reputation! GET A LIFE!!! Leave these people alone. If they’re happy then thats the main thing. Obviously the show is a hit that you know everything thats happening. Dont watch the show…Dont pass their house! Stop reading up on them…you people are a piece of work! So happy to not have people like you in my life!!! PATHETIC!!!

    • Boo Bossy Baby

      O.k. Caroline – We all know this is you. You said in the reunion Lovin Life – DUH

  • Arletty70

    Those who say that their house is not beautiful are really lying. Don’t pass judgments on people that you never met.
    However, if the Guidice are on national TV people will be poking into their lives!! but it does not have to be negative comments.

  • Sophia

    Hi Teresa I like you very very much, I wish you luck and health, all the best.
    Your house is just beautiful, congratulations!!
    xoxo from Boca Raton-Fl

  • Ted

    i honestly don’t know why people have to hate on the real housewives. just becuase you appear on a reality tv show doesnt mean you dont have class. the giudice’s financial issues are NONE of our business. she built a great house to raise her beautiful family, so why not just be happy for her.

  • Lisa D.

    Love Love Love Teresa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forza Italia! Love you Teresa! Your girls are SO ADORABLE!

  • Deborah

    I just want to comment on her children – Ive never seen such BRATS in my life.. every one of those daughters of hers are OUT OF CONTROL, and all need a few lessons on respect, not to mention a good azz beating.

  • Boo Bossy Baby

    I totally agree with Deborah. They are complete spoiled ROTTEN brats and have no manners. They scream at each other constantly, fight, pull hair, whine whine whine whine and ALWAYS get what they want. WTF? That is parenting 101 at its WORST ever. If my child ever pulled that crap there would be some serious reprimanding going on, i.e. TIME OUT IN THE CORNER AND THE CLOCK ON THE STOVE SET TO 4 MINUTES. Seriously, this entire cast of the NJ Housewives is later. Wonder what they all look like without a ton of make up on or their hair done? Like beaten down crusty old raisins. LOL 🙂

  • Cristagno

    I have to laugh at a post way back from Colloctor making fun of Teresa Giudice for the way she speaks. Meanwhile, he/she TYPES to millions of people “realy”. Hey, Colloctor, English much? “Really”??? Look at your own flaws before you attempt to pass an insult on someone else.

  • werks of iron

    Hello Teresa, what is your front door like, do you have a wine cellar, i do marvelous work in wrought iron, specializing in secure elegant front entries and wine cellar doors etc… if your at all interested send me a message to my email and i will get back to you with my company, which you may have heard of…. love your railings 🙂

  • BB

    Well Teresa really showed her true colors on last nights episode. There was not one redeeming quality that she had. She showed all signs of deception when asked any questions ( licking her lips, pursing them, and constantly playing with her hair.) As Melissa stated ” all legal information is public knowledge” Hopefully Joe G. will be jailed for his misrepresentation at the DMV, Teresa will be booted from Housewives, and we will not have to suffer seeing those troll children anymore. Life will be good!

  • Robin Chow

    She’s gross. I feel really bad for her daughters. Both her & her husband are frauds & they steal from others. Her homes is gawdy (sp?) & gross!

  • Justin

    This house is fugly as

  • Catherine

    Teresa is such a sad woman, she is uneducated, classless, tacky, gaudy, stupid, mean, jealous, doesn’t pay her bills, lies, cheats, steals, do I say more? Her children are ugly little frog looking brats with no manners, just like her and Joe. Teresa gives people the middle finger, Joe chases other whores, doesn’t pay his bills. This whole family should be in jail, they are disgusting and should be deported. I m disgusted by the Guidicis.

    The whole family looks likes the planet of the apes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dont Care

    The PATHETIC P.O.S. Is Where She Belongs…. Behind Bars!!! … Great LEGACY YOU HAVE LEFT YOUR KIDS!!! #JoeIsNext #PrisonKhakis

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