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  • Anonymous

    This house is butt ugly and 2% is an insult to get someone to sell this home. I would never waste my time or anyone else's time with this piece of garbage.

  • Anonymous

    To me this looks like an office building with a 3 story parking garage. No charm or warmth. George

  • Tony

    $500,000 in commission is a well-earned paycheck if you're able to convince somebody stupid enough to pay that much for that overgrown Lego house

  • Anonymous

    The second ugliest megamansion I've ever seen, right behind those mega mansions/sanitariums outside of Dallas.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a prison. And 2% is insulting. That's the minimum to be put into the MLS. 2.5% is adequate, but 3% is really the norm, especially in a market like this.

    And this home will not put Burr Ridge on the map. It will only give ammo to the rest of the sane world to attack the fool that spent $25 million on the place (which he'll never get).

  • Anonymous

    "one mans garbage is another mans treasure"

  • Anonymous

    More like "one man's treasure is all the other men's garbage."

  • Steve Aronson

    Is Basri Emini even a licensed real estate agent?
    Does Emini Equities even exist — other than in
    name and his cell phone number?

  • kimmy

    This is truly like Yanni would say “One Man’s Dream” I want to marry the owner!!!

  • Paul

    The responses are a perfect example of small minds thinking small. If you want a cookie cutter McMansion then be my guest, there are plenty of them out there. If you want something unique and amazing, this house is it. This house is truly amazing and the eccentric genius who built it has impeccable tastes and dedication to his vision. I guarantee that not one of the people who rudely responded have ever taken the time to build anything, let alone something so incredibly complex and detailed. It’s easy to criticize somebody elses vision when you have no vision of your own. I admit the outside is a little garish and the location leaves something to be desired but the inside of this home is absolutely stunning.

  • Rachel

    I think this home is absolutely fabulous. To the people who think this house is cheesy, obviously you have not traveled much and are not cultured enough to recognize such a gem. The details of this home are incredible.

  • Jeff

    WOW !!! If in this horrible economic times a person can fetch $25 million for a home in (ahem) Burr Ridge then maybe we need to take another look at things. Personally it is a very striking home but seems to lack any kind of personality or warmth.
    If I had the money ,I would not be considering a home in Burr Ridge. It would be a warmer climate. But thats me !!

    Good Luck to the seller, although I don`t think they will need any kind of luck with the wealth they have !!

  • anonomous

    i just drove by that house today. it looks very different in real life and almost kinda unfinished. it kinda looks like an apartment complex to me. i wouldnt mind living in it but i just dont really like the outside. the property is very messy. i would much rather live in one of the 3 equally big much prettier houses right across the street.
    plus imagine if a tornado came through and all that “4000” pound marble fell on your head…….. OW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom T

    Personally I like it and it will still be here in same condition 1000 years from now. Marble, Jewish stone will weather well and still look good. Also like wrap around terrace but don’t get the $500,000 for suite doors. And I think in 10 years the trees and landscaping will mature and it will be less visible from road.

  • karan

    what a piece of junk
    what a waste of time !
    i dont mind burr ridge, i like burr ridge, but i would rather live in a house that looks and feels like a house, not an office building
    good luck selling that

  • June

    160 tons Jewish gold stone – $1.5-2 million
    Stair railing that took a year to carve – $100 k
    Ballroom to have all your phony friends over – $1 million
    Five rare one of a kind doors for Bedroom suites – $500 k
    4 1/2 years to build – $18 million

    Never living in and moving to Florida before housemungos is finished -PRICELESS

  • Lusizzo

    I heard it was being converted into an office complex

  • bunny

    Basri Emini is a gypsy con man of the first water BEWARE. Certainly this is not his mansion I only feel sorry for the sucker who let him list it. Googel Americas#1 deadbeat and you will find his rap sheet. Its all lies so he can live the goodlife at everyone elses expense. He is a no good lying thief who has left a trail of bills and promises behind him.

  • Nick

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game! You jealous hater!

  • Tristan

    http://www.americandeadbeat.com/ list would be too long to list all the deadbeats.

  • Neighbor

    The structure may be magnificent to some and hideous to others, but how would you like to be one of the banks or subcontractors holding bad debt? The builder’s previous home at 2 Erin Court (500 yards to the east), is now also abandoned , unkept and for sale.

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