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  • Anonymous

    I am trying to figure this guy out because it makes no sense. If they owe $8 million on the house that means they probably had about $10 million into it.
    Now my father is a surgeon and he can’t afford a $10 million home so I am not sure how this guy even remotely did it or was going to do it.
    Also, he had only a $2 million life insurance policy and then he quit paying on it?
    The maximum I see most surgeons, cardiologists and specialists spend on homes is in the $2 million range.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah…I think the same as the other poster. The video states this guy had 9 locations, so I’d think other doctors in his practice so it would continue without him so surprised his death brought financial ruin. I am truly sorry about the tragedy, but I live my life by a rule that serves me well “hope for the best BUT plan for the worst!!!” Sounds like this guy let his ego go crazy (I am sure the wife left behind was not discouraging his build it bigger attitude) and I suspect many of the monster mansions are courtesy of those living WAY past their means. A mansion HALF the size at 14,000sqft is still huge. I’d NEVER build a $8M mansion without a net worth of $100M to back it up. I think this guy let his ego get the better of him building way more than he could afford…now his family is suffering for it. The postor child for the term house poor.

  • Joy

    The seduction of consumerism!!! The bright side of this sad scenario is the opportunity for others to learn. Also too, it’s a good thing that the banks will no longer offer ridiculous programs.

  • Anonymous

    drive past this house now, its looking BEAUTIFUL! one of the best in Potomac. The landscaping, and changes to the front are AMAZING! congrats to the new owners!

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