This massive Cleveland, Tennessee estate, called Creekridge, belongs to W Allan Jones, who is the CEO and founder of Check Into Cash, Inc. The home was designed by J. Terry Bates & Associates. The estate features a huge parking area that can easily fit 100 cars. The home also has an 8+ car garage, a swimming pool with pool house, a cupola, 6 chimneys, and a walk out basement. I can’t wait to see what the house will look like upon completion. 

  • Doughball

    What a shame. W. Allan Jones of Check Into Cash certainly does not deserve such a lavish home or lifestyle. The real W. Allan Jones is very accurately portrayed in this article:

    Sad, but true.


  • Justice 451

    The best way I can think of to put a stop to W. Allan Jones of Check Into Cash and Jones Management is to ask Senator Bob Corker to stop voting in Congress for questionable payday lenders like W. Allan Jones of Check Into Cash. Though W. Allan Jones tries to downplay his generous contributions through the payday-lender-run website, Payday Pundit, I am guessing that friends, family, and employees of W. Allan Jones and Check Into Cash are also contributing quite generously.Without the support of Senator Bob Corker, W. Allan Jones would never be able to get away with his ridiculous behavior. Call Senator Corker and tell him to stop supporting W. Allan Jones at Check Into Cash at this number:

    423-756-2757, or write him at this address:

    U.S. Senator Bob Corker
    185 Dirksen Senate Office Building
    Washington, D.C., 20510

    or visit his website: