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  • Anonymous

    Wow. Now that’s a living room. It’s the most open one I’ve seen to date, yet somehow doesn’t look as crappy as some Jersey/Atlanta homes a quarter of its size.

  • Anonymous

    A 45,000sqft smaller 2nd home? DAMN!!!

  • Anonymous

    The sound of my jaw dropping to the floor.
    This may be the greatest home I have ever seen.
    Cayman Islands, eh, I guess this is where all the stolen stockholders money went.

  • Nick

    wow, even cooler pool than the playboy mansion.

  • Rudy

    Looks like a mall to me.

  • Anonymous

    33 years old? What does he do? Selling drugs or oil? What’s the difference right? haha

  • Anonymous

    I am in love with this house.
    I made it my wallpaper.
    It is like living in a resort.

  • Anonymous

    This makes me think of a home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming near one of my cousin’s. 20,000sqft+ and the owner used it ONE week a year. Rest of time it set vacant, but lit up like a Xmas tree. They had a full-time caretaker who kept it looking like a show place 365 days a year. The ultra rich are so different than you or I…like they say in the “Princess Bride” inconceivable!!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    any links to more info on this place?

  • Anonymous

    I have to have this house, I don’t care if I have to beg, borrow, steal or rig the lottery, lol.

  • Kenny

    sorry, no more links on this home.

    I have to agree, this house is one of my favorites.

    Do you know on what street the 20,000 square foot mansion is located on?

    • Michael


      This place is located on Church Street. I lived in the Caymans for 3 years and was able to see it when Hadsphaltic finished it. It is a beautiful place; they should have put it on a bigger lot. None the less, it is gorgeous.


  • Chance

    Kenny can you find anything on their LARGER house in Whistler?

  • Anonymous

    Kenny – I am checking with my cousin…may take a few days. It was ~5-10 years ago that they lived in Jackson, but even back then it was something like a $15M+ mansion. He said they used it the week of the 4th of the July and that was it.

  • Anonymous

    So there’s no more information on this house? I’d really like to see the floorplan and more pictures!
    That would be great!

  • JDubble07

    I found Jerry Beck’s personal website fairly easily through a simple google search. It includes many photos of the contruction of his amazing home in the Cayman Islands throughout construction, as well as renderings.
    There are also a few pictures of Beck’s London flat nicknamed “James Bond’s Love Palace” located directly on the Themes River. Sadly there are no pictures of the home in Whistler.

  • Anonymous

    ive stayed there

  • con the don

    I used to work with the guy, he is a nice guy and fairly laid back

    Scarily bright, he was a money markets trader who wrote his own pricing system for at that time a fairly under traded FX product. The product gained in popularity with other banks and traders and with his system and general smarts he cleaned up in only a few years.

  • Anonymous

    it is a beautiful home. I’ve seen quite a few pics of it while it was still a work in progress…no he doesn’t sell drugs..I’ve known his wife now since junior high school. He’s a very nice man who is a great father and husband…must ad, he obviously is also a very smart man to have been able to retire in his 30’s and enjoy life with his growing young family…they definitely have room for it to grow…and grow….and grow…and grow!!

  • Anon

    My understanding is that he made his fortune reserving thousands of words as domain names and selling them on at a profit

  • wow amazing house!

  • geoff

    well old friend it looks amazing and out of this world.but its all you worked for and hope things going well. maybe drop me some ideas to make a fortune.

  • marc

    Dammit he used to work FOR me!

  • Honor

    hey i love the house im curious what is the lowest it will go kenny?

    • noah

      i know not if its true because it says here its owned and occupied but ive read that it goes for $59,500,001

  • Honor

    KEnny does he rent it out for month at a time? just curious please reply

    • Kenny Forder

      I don’t know, sorry

  • david miller

    We have been told that justin bierber and selena gomez now own the house since about a week ago.

  • Dreamexoticrentals

    we will soon be sharing it with the world, it will be open for rentals.

  • noah

    if you look up luxury beach houses or homes on google images its literally the first picture that shows up click that click the link and it takes you too a site that has more photos

  • Diana

    you too could rent this for 10 nights for only 160,000 dollars. I just checked the rate for my client

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