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  • Anonymous

    Wonder why he is selling? Deion having money problems? Was he invested with Madoff? Last I saw his estimated worth was ~$200M, so maybe upsizing from the 40,000sqft “shack” to a REAL mansion? Just kidding…love this house.

  • Erica

    wowwwwwwww.This house is beauitfulllll.which I had a house like that.

  • Pilar Pomosky

    Hideous inside decor. Cheap not chic. Tacky and trashy.
    Nothing says low budget like Deion Sanders.

  • Gerald Moore

    @ Pilar – Really? Then show all of us your trick out single wide trailer so we can appreciate your vinyl furniture, plastic and veneer decor thru out your mighty 100 sqft home.

    • Brett Williams

      LOVE IT!!!!! Very well said Gerald.

  • Miss Lee Ann

    Don’t hate…Celebrate!!!, and be happy for “The Sanders”. Who knows maybe someday your time of wealth and prosperity will be right around the corner, and hopefully no one will have ill feelings or put you down like you did about them. Remember…Deion Sanders worked hard for what he has, so at least give him that.

  • Tony

    Thats Cool My Brother went to his house he took pictures and i looked awesome

  • Christophe Calloway

    Very Nice…

  • Kilo Ken

    BALLIN!!! 2 BAD HE AIN’T still WIT DEM BOYZ. Lord knows they need him

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