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  • Anonymous

    The 35,000 square foot mansion on the far right on Grand Manor is owned by NBA star Tracy McGrady.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Man,

    Love the site. Part of my regular internet boot-up at work.

    Sweetwater Country Club is in Sugarland, which is in the Houston area; not Dallas.

    Do more Texas mansions.

    • Matt

      1. 472 Highland Crossing Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
      2. 10800 Highland Road, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
      3. 17136 Highland Road, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
      4. 21434 Turkey Creek Baton Rouge, LA 70817
      5. 2307 River Oaks Bl, Houston, Texas 77019
      6. Briarwood Court, Houston, Texas
      7. 2271 River Oaks Boulevard, Houston, Texas
      8. 3201 Inwood Drive, Houston, Texas
      9. lazy lane blvd Houston tx
      10. 3695 Willowick Road, Houston, Texas
      11. 3832 Willowick Road, Houston, Texas,
      12. 6818 E 109th STREET, TULSA, OK 74133, US
      13. 10910 S 69th EAST AVENUE, TULSA, OK 74133, US
      14. 777 W 106th STREET, JENKS, OK 74037, US
      15. 11425 S Louisville PLACE, TULSA, OK 74137, US

      These arent all tx mansions but great mansions

  • Kenny

    Thanks! I’m glad you like it.

    Thanks, I just corrected it.

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap, Deion Sanders house is just ridiculous, wow.

  • Anonymous

    Wow I used to live in the Plano area near those houses! I know the person who lives in the “weird shaped” one!! It’s a very nice house too.

  • Anonymous

    I also have Dallas addresses also for some huge beautiful homes.

    just let me know and I can forward them you ya

  • Kieran

    Very impressive post! Love the first two and last homes.

  • nc

    I love when people have 30,000 sq ft homes and absolutely no property. To me, that’s a good sign of newly acquired money.

  • Anonymous

    Deion Sanders’ address is 1280 N Preston Rd, Prosper, TX

  • Anonymous

    On my God. The Sanders manse is located in…a shithole.

    So he has 40000 sq ft and a private lake. It’s too bad it is surrounded by nothing and nothing’s mother (know nothin).

    I’d take the house and put a WalMart on its spot.

  • Anonymous

    NC that is probably one of the truest statements ever made.
    Anyone with any class, money and upbringing knows to build a house appropriate for its lot.
    There is a doctor here in my town that built a 12,000 square foot house on a 1 acre lot that barely has any depth to it. he could not even put a semi-circular driveway in because it was so big for the lot.
    I really think anything over 10,000 square feet should sit on 3-5 acres properly landscaped.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Deion Sanders seems to get under some folks skin…

    NC…Old money is boring! Nouveau riche generally has a more compelling story! How big is the lot that his house sits on? Do you know the ratio of House to lot?

    Anonymous said… at April 22, 2009 6:59 PM,

    I think that you are referring to pedigree, with regards to your statement about "class, money and upbringing " the reality is <10 sq ft does not necessarily require 3 acres, particularly if you reside in a place like California in a very coveted area ie. high elevation area with views.

    It's very easy to play Monday morning quarterback and make when it's not your life huh?

  • Anonymous

    hey kenny,

    Deion sanders home is for sale,and the website for information about the home is http://www.bestdfwsearch.com
    or Remaxdfw. the agent is Marilyn hoffman. Deion is asking $21M for his 109 acre estate.

  • Anonymous

    Anon 2:37 am, you are obviously not too bright are you?
    I was obviously not referring to Deion Sander’s home as he has tons of land, you obviously have some chip on your shoulder. Too bad, not my problem.
    And California is the definition of new money with no class quite frankly, well LA anyway. They mint new money millionaires there everyday so your just enforce my argument anyway. My house is just fine thank you, it is 5,000 square feet on one acre and I have a one acre pond with a waterfall in the rear and a 3 acre pond with fountains in the front.
    And please go back to school, your Monday morning quarterbacking statement makes no sense. That refers to when someone gives advice about an action after the fact when it can no longer be useful. You are clearly either not an educated person or a bright person or both.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said…April 23, 2009 4:37 PM

    You are so hostile and argumentative. Can you consider another opinion? There is no need to insult me.

    Please read the entire thread, you may be capable of determining that YOUR comment is not the only comment that I referred to. I am not really interested in your lack of education or pedigree.
    However it is interesting that you purport to have all of that acreage and a measly 5000 sq ft structure;-)

    Los Angeles is Southern California, you would be aware of that had you traveled outside of your TOWN. Now let’s juxtapose the Nouveau riche, Northern to Southern California for a minute. Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Apple…need I say more.

    No more school for me as I have Ivy League Degree’S (plural). You should pursue charm school. You may develop a sense of grace.

    Best of luck to you…

  • Anonymous

    Did it take this much time for you to read through your dictionary and thesaurus to come up with a reply?
    I highly doubt you have multiple Ivy League degrees, people that usually say that are full of BS, trying to inflate themselves. You are the kind of person that wears all the university logo apparel, have your car and basement adorned in your favorite university decor and never spent one day in college or that college for that matter.
    I have multiple degrees and I have lived all over the world, including Europe and the Caribbean while most likely you have only lived in the US. The fact that you are defending new money so vigorously either means you are new money or wish you were.
    I know your type very well.

  • Kenny

    hey guys. can we please stop the bickering. the comments are so hostile in this post. lol. thanks

  • Anonymous

    Asnine April 23, 2009 8:23 PM,

    I apologize for not meeting your expectations as it pertains to being tardy in my response. I apologize for not focusing all of my attention to your post. You must admit that it took you more than 11 hours to respond to my post. Is that how long you researched the dictionary?

    I am sure that you are familiar with the fantasy that you conjured up as it would take one to know one. I DO NOT know people like that. I would bet that you are very unattractive physically too.

    Signing off, as I will respect Kenny’s request.

  • Anonymous

    Christ…it’s like watching Trump and Rosie go at it again on this post!

  • Anonymous

    No – its like watching the hired-help of Rosie and Donald square off against one another – I would be anything neither has anything.

    Nice site though — You should look @ some of the homes of my clients in the Preston Hollow area — amazing — and so many of them are the nicest people I have met.

  • 1ohn

    Does anyone know whos house is 5530 North 40 Place in Dallas, TX? I drive by it on my way to work and it’s huge.

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