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  • Anonymous

    Beautiful area.
    The house with the wraparound garage is pretty sweet.

  • Anonymous

    9501 Orient Express didn’t impress me from the exterior photos, but after looking at the interior I can say that it is truly an amazing home.

  • nc

    I really like the way the larger of the two homes in the first picture has the passthrough and the garage entrances from the back. It creates the look of a MUCH larger house from the front. I actually like the smaller home more though.

  • Anonymous

    if i'm not mistaken the one on the left is home of the Anagnos', owners of City Fish, and the larger one on the right is the Capassos, Mr. Capasso's company did the flooring for Mohegan Sun. The large tower is actually an elevator for his 7 ferraris. I only know this because I'm from Glastonbury

  • Kenny

    thanks for the info! wow, 7 ferraris!!! lol

  • Chance

    I don’t like the all white exterior of 9501 OEC, but the interior is awesome, I can live with the all white!

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