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  • Anonymous

    The owner of the house at 2540 Silver Bell Road in Rochester, MI also owns a contemporary beachfront home in Delray Beach, FL located at 711 S Ocean Blvd, 33483.

    The Delray Beach home is beautiful to say the least.

    • Justine

      who owns it?

  • Anonymous

    This first house, wow….
    It is like its own city, lol.
    I live in Michigan, who owns the Silver Bell house?

    • Justine

      Search it! Its how I found out who lives in the brewster road mansion

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know who owns the first home in this posting?

    …. located on Wastler Road in Brookville, OH.

    Any info would be great, thanks!


    • Justine

      If you google it you might find it!!!

  • Ian

    The house on Silver Bell is owned by the original owner of Moceri Builders. They've built many beautiful homes in south eastern Michigan area.

  • jASON

    WHO OWNS THE HOUSE AT 5365 Brewster Road in Rochester? WHAT A BEAUTIFUL HOME

    • Justine

      the former CEO of flagstar!

  • mike

    Eminems house is on winkler mill rd in rochester hills……its a lot bigger than these..well some of them.lol

    • ross oli

      I worked for Albaugh Masonry Stone & Tile Inc, and we did all of the stone work for 6100 Winkler Mill Rd. & Marshall Mathers house is the smallest house on this street. His house isnt even close to any of these homes.

    • Justine

      Eminems house only cost 3 million, the home on Brewster road cost 4.1 million.

      • Patrick

        Marshall Mathers sold that house in Rochester Hills. He now lives in Clinton Twp, Mi in a house in a gated community.

  • Sean

    Actually, 6100 Winkler Mill, and 2540 Silvebell are both owned by Ray Nicholson. He is the founder of RGIS or retail grocery inventory systems. His company developed the bar code. As far as Eminem, his house is on Winkler Mill as well, its not nearly as big, but it is still very large, around 15,000 square feet.

    • Justine

      wow! great info!!!

  • aman

    6100 house is of owner of rgis…his house is double thnn eminems housee

  • ross oli

    The home at 6100 Winkler Mill is just over 36,000 sq ft. Very nice people who own the home

    • Justine

      wow you know them?!

  • ross oli

    Just over 18, 000 sq ft. My bad

  • Nick

    I know ray personally, he also has a home nearby the Winkler Mill house on Dutton Rd and Cobb Creek Ct. This is his primary address and is far bigger than his other homes. The areas on the sides are his multi story garages.

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