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  • Anonymous

    Im surprised you chose Mohammed Hadid’s as second.
    His estate is not that great to me.

    Do you like “flur de lys”?

  • Kenny

    I just really love the great detail that went into building that home. I also love the decor and all the high end materials used.

    Fleur de Lys’ interior is too ornate and old looking. Also, it is like a big block of limestone. lol. Mohammed Hadid’s house has more character to it.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha it is a big EXPENSIVE block of limestone.

  • Anonymous

    Sydell Miller’s house, La Reverie!


  • sperhar

    I have to say that I agree with Kenny about Fleur de Lys’…

    Updown Court gives me the creeps!

  • Anonymous

    Idk what my top 10 is but my number 1 is Alwaleeds house in Saudi Arabia. Over 460,000 sq ft.

    • Chance

      They have a video of that on Youtube and his son did a photo shoot there for a car magazine.

  • george

    siegel`s mansion is only incredible huge….but not nice or beautiful! it looks like a shopping mall or like the car parking building of a shopping mall.
    No.2: extraordinary beautiful!
    No.5:also very very big …and nice…but not a top ten beauty in my opinion.
    No.7: well, it is a “wow”…but it looks a little bit british cold….i miss “life” in this mansion, it doesn`t warm up my heart
    No3: it is a very nice mansion, mr spelling had taste

  • Chance

    Been looking for this list, was wondering has your views changed any? Looks like you just picked the biggest houses you could find.

  • Nick

    It is always very hard to choose your favorite mansions, because out there are so many incredible mansions!!!

    Mansions that there are being built in all over the world;

    Mansions that you can’t see in Bing Maps via Bird’s Eye View;

    The decision is always a tough job -there are so many factors who affect you- but you have to follow your heart and see what you really like.

    However, Kenny are these mansions still make it in your top-10 list?

    • Kenny Forder

      Yes, most of them do.

  • stephen

    If you were to do this list today, how would it be different?

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