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  • Kieran

    Such a beautiful property, well done Paul!

  • Anonymous

    I love Hot Pockets but maybe I loved them too much.
    That is a big house.
    Nicely done though, sectioned off well.

  • Anonymous

    Paul built his wealth here in Cherry Hills. You can map his Colorado home. 8 Sunset Dr. Cherry, Hills, CO

    He’s know here for philanthropy–supposedly a real good guy.

    He’s got quite a collection going!

    It’s not too far from the Shanahan home you featured.

    -Pat, your Colorado informant.

  • Kenny

    thanks for the info!

  • According to records, the home is on lots 34,35,36,37,38,39,and a portion of 40. at .50 acres each thats 3+ acres. Also if you look closely, ther is an under ground enterance to a masive subteranian garage under the tennis court. Very cool

  • shahin

    i been to their house before that shit is huge

    • admin

      sweet!!! what kind of amenities were inside? bowling alley? indoor pool?

  • ali

    On bedroom terrace, the house is UGLY! Its BRIGHT YELLOW. Its a very BEHR Yellow, the kind of yellow that should only stay inside a baby’s nursing room. Not a Bridgehampton yellow, a Baja California Mexican piñata yellow that you can only find inside a mexican liqour store. Sorry Paul, You are brilliant indeed but your wife must have really bad exterior taste(color)….p.s. Paint it a Sand Ivory Cream tone!!! Ciao<3 Alixoxo

  • Jim

    Actually the house is done very well, the yellow is actually from natural stone imported from Israel. If anyone should not be doing exterior designing it’s YOU!

  • Nick

    OMG what an amazing home!!!

    It’s the definition of perfection.

  • Anonymous

    The whole underground of the tennis court is a parking structure.
    You can see the road winding down .
    The smaller building is a guest house.The other building is a pool house with showers bathrooms, bar, flat screens , heaters the works.
    The house finished in a venetian plaster, and imported stone .The picture does not give the color justice.(beHr yellow ,please…)

  • David

    The builder was Mark Falcon and the architect was Larry Scheiderer with Design West Architects out of Colorado. The project draftsman was Mitch Mcvey out of Colorado also. I specialize in the construction of this type and size of home in the area which Paul’s house was built. This keeps me aware of the different projects around me.

  • G.W. Bush

    If you go to the corner of Pelican Hill Rd South and Pelican Hill Circle and look NE you can see this home dominating on top of the hill overlooking crystal cove state park and the Pacific Ocean. A $19M assessed value

  • imirsh1

    I did a lot of the concrete work on this job. The property was purchased for $11 millon before turning over a stone. Also picture #2 shows a row of house just above his. One belongs to his daughter and the other his son. The subterranean parking under the tennis court is killer.I was told that it can hold 110 cars. The smaller house without the pool is the Maids quarters and the one with the pool is the Guest house. Killer views!

  • just got back from the home, i almost got lost inside, i cannot disclose why i was there but i can tell u that paul is a really nice guy, and he has a ton of art, sculptures, a bomb ass game room with juke box, foose ball, pool table, all the things u would expect a rich dude would have, the entrance was awesome, huge center piece sculpture, and massave x-mas tree, the bar room was all dark wood matching the piano, breath taking… p.s. haters, ill be going back soon, ill drop a line again when i get a better tour, haha…

  • chun527

    btw ill be going back soon, so sorry haters, i cant take u with me, ill drop a line again when i get back, after the tour, hahaha


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