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  • Jdubble07

    The exterior of the estate was used for the 1993 Beverly Hillbillies movie, though in the movie, the grounds are much different with a long driveway where the gardens are today, and the back of the house which is much more impressive was used as the front.

  • Alan

    I’m gonna have to check that out.

  • Kenny

    the house that was used in the movie was knocked down in order to build this home.

  • Chance

    I find it hard to believe this house is only 31,400 sq.ft. Just looking at it I woulda guessed it was atleast 50,000.

  • Rhyne

    This home has a lot of history, but it’s still too overpriced. From the street it looks like a museum or something, absolutely massive.

    Oh, and that price is with a completely gutted interior. Ridiculous.

  • Robert

    The house Gwen Stefani shot What You Waiting For? Music Video in with Francis Lawrence.

  • Nick

    Unbelievably astonishing mansion!

    The exterior and the landscaping are very beautiful from every aspect.Definitely, it’s
    the best mansion in Pasadena!

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