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  • Anonymous

    Some of these NBA players sure know how to spend their money. Melo’s in Colorado, the homes that Vince Carter built in Windermere, FL, and the one that LeBron’s building in Akron, Ohio. Hoo-weee. Shaq’s had a few mega homes, especially his 64,000 square footer on Lake Butler in Windermere, FL. That one was HOT! He showed that one on MTV Cribs. I should’ve practiced my baller skills more when I was younger.

  • Anonymous

    And this my friends is how pro athletes go broke….

  • Anonymous

    So very true. Next up, the bankrupcy line. Oh man. These guys should save their money until retirement, but of course, they don’t.

  • Anonymous

    Some NBA players would go broke but Carmelo has already made over $50 million for his career. LeBron has made over $200 million and he’s only 24, so he can spend as much as he likes.

    • Chico

      Not really Antoine Walker made well over $150 million and he went broke. Also Toni Braxton spent over $200 million & went broke.

  • Anonymous

    Anon 11:43, Holyfield made $50 million a fight and so did Tyson and they went broke.
    Michael Jackson was worth more than $500 million and he went broke.
    And countless others.
    My friend and neighbor is an NBA player and he makes $13 million a year and he has 2 multi-million homes for sale in two different states that he can’t get rid off. His first contract he had he was broke before it was over and had to borrow money. He has over a million in jewelry, a couple of million in cars including his families he bought for them and homes for them. At last count he was supporting at least 32 people.
    And none of his houses come even close to the size of Carmelo’s.

  • Anonymous

    The official address for Melo’s is 6971 S Polo Ridge Dr, Littleton, CO. That shows right in front of the house. His second address is 6965, which shows right in front of the barn. Go figure.

  • Anonymous

    Carmelo’s old address and the home he switched with, which he showed off on MTV Cribs, is located at 1995 South Lake Road, Denver, CO.

  • Anonymous

    Iverson made over 200 mill over his carreer and he is broke….he is in his early thirties too…evander holyfield had 100’s of millions and had a mega mansion that i think cost well over 50 mill…and he went broke…its not about the now…its about the yearly cost to maintain these mansions…the gardener…the multiple housekeepers…the taxes….the insurance etc…is all fine now but after a player retires how are they gonna come up with money to afford this shit until they are like in their 70’s and 80’s…the reality is that unless they invest or make their own companies they can’t…

    • Tony

      You can’t take it with you, when you life ends dog. Before I overspend on things that are unnecessary, I donate my money to the hungry relatives in AFRICA!! God will bless the dumb brothers like diddy, jay z etc.

    • Tony

      BENNY HINN TOOK EVANDER HOLYFIELD’S MONEY! Holyfield was the stingiest boxer in history!, – BAR NONE …. So the church conman took him in the financial-juggler!

  • Chance

    This is a pretty awesome place, saw it on Cribs a few weeks back, one of those houses that definitely feels as big as the square footage listed. I would change a few interior things and turn that barn into a garage, but other than that it’s pretty perfect.

  • financial know how

    If you gonna go broke you might as well do it big huh. Reality and fantasy is something. Let me just say that this mansion gets my penis hard and I am sure it gets women wanting to put on a wetsuit. I would need a financial advisor/ baby sitter to prevent me from purchasing a home like that despite me knowing I am setting my self up of poverty later on. It is true what they say, knowing and doing is two different things.

  • Davidten years.

    Is it any wonder 40% of NBA players are broke within three years of retirement? This guy is dumb as if you couldn’t tell in one interview. He’ll be living in his car in ten years.

  • Aaron

    im tired of these mouthafuckas sayen there gona go broke ..nott true carmelos sells shoes ..clotheing line and stuff and his wife is a realtor pretty sure he has lots of bucksss n the bank stop haten plzz stop debaten..cuzz he worked hard for dat and wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more richer then you

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  • Garland ebanks

    Mello has a race car and horse, a very prolific shoe endorsement deal, clothing and numerous products. He has things going, as does his wife. Seems to me most of you are caught in the stigma of “black” or people of color’s lavish lifestyle and spending… Only because the referenced bankrupt athletes are black. Fact of the matter is a lot of white athletes have made similar mistakes. Fact is most if not all of you that commented will never be in his tax bracket. So if he does loose it all, he’ll never loose the experience in which you can only watch

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