This newly constructed mansion is located on Fonda Fields Court in Green Bay. The old English style manor looks to be in excess of 15,000 square feet.

This mansion is located on Osaga Court in Green Bay. It contains a 4-car garage, a large indoor swimming pool, and a guest house that is attached to the main house by an indoor corridor.

This mansion is located on Sitka Street in Green Bay. It has a huge 9-car attached garage, a long circular driveway, an odd shaped swimming pool, and a gazebo.

  • Nick

    Another day, another perfect post!

    The 1st mansion looks much larger than 15.000 sq.foot.I would say that it’s close to 25.000 sq.foot.

    The 2nd weird shaped mansion reminds me Andruw Jones,GA similar mansion.The 2nd scale of the house is used as garage and there’s connected with a passage that leads to the 3rd scale, which is used as part of the house and not as garage.I am not sure if this is comfortable…

    The 3rd mansion definitely looks very beautiful, although I have some doubts over the red exterior.


  • Soren

    I’d check out some of the mansions on Lost Dauphin Road in De Pere. There is one mansion out there about 11 miles from De Pere that is absolutely ostentatious (two large buildings, both castle-like) and another megamansion on the other side of the river about the same point that is set back a ways from the road.


    • Sam

      Yes, both of those houses look to be over 10,000 square feet, the first one you mentioned is actually on this website in this post. (link below)
      It’s the house in pictures 3,4, and 9. The second house is even larger than that one and it could be over 15,000 square feet. This house has a lot of land on the river. Also there are a few other bigger mansions even farther down Lost Dauphin Rd closer to Wrightstown.


  • BrockO

    First House:
    4735 Fonda Fields Ct, Oneida,WI 54155
    23,039 Sq Ft @ $2.69M (unfinished)
    Built by Thomas Juza (walking distance to office) –
    Now owned by Pioneer Credit Union.
    Another $500k to $1M to finish and market value would be $5-6M.
    According to police, kids broke 75% of the windows one night last summer and dumped tar down the 4 floor elevator and in the hot tub. Tons of trespassing and breaking and entering issues.

    Second House:
    4622 Osage Ct, Green Bay, WI 54313
    Total Value Assessed – $1.67M
    Ralph Neal – owner of Christopher & Banks, Inc.
    Julia Neal – star Mary Kay lady (house is even pinkish)

    Third House:
    3065 Sitka St, Green Bay, WI 54311
    Total Value Assessed – $3.55M
    Daniel T. Schmidt (owns entire block of land west to the highway)
    President of Bay Industries –
    Father – Arnold W. Schmidt was President & CEO
    Mother – Gloria J. Schmidt was VP/S & Director
    Parents live at 1605 E Sonata Dr, Green Bay, WI 54311 (Total Value Assessed – $1.8M)