This 32,026 square foot mega-mansion is located on Preston Road in Dallas, TX. (right next to the second house on the list) It is owned by John Muse, the director of HM Capital Partners, a private investment firm. It has an appraised value of $30,208,470. It has a swimming pool with pool house, beautiful formal gardens, and a 4-car garage.

This 35,453 square foot mega-mansion is located on Preston Road in Dallas, TX. It is owned by Harlan Crow, the son of Real Estate king pin Trammel Crow, who runs Crow Real Estate Investors. The home is appraised at a whopping $24,087,440.

This Tuscan inspired mega-mansion is located on Admirals Way in a guard gated community known as “The Dominion” in San Antonio. This gated community is home to the likes of Tony and Eva Parker, Shaquille O’ Neal, and David Robinson. The home measures 22,993 square feet and is owned by the founder of, a man by the name of Mr. Gargas. It’s value is accessed at $10,507,000.

This Mediterranean style mega-mansion is located on W Bitters Road in San Antonio, TX. It is owned by a high profile doctor and contains 26,916 square feet of living space. The home is appraised at $11,200,000 and had taxes of $209,691 in the past year. The 34 acre property has a swimming pool as well as a man-made pond.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Huge fan of your website. Please keep up the great work and frequent postings.
    Regarding the last home, the address is 425 W. Bitters Rd, and I am pretty sure the owner is Robert D. Kolitz, who was the former president of Golden Feather Realty Inc., etc.
    If you type the address into Google, you will find sites linking Mr. Kolitz to the home.


  • Nick

    John Muse’s house has an awesome exterior.

    Harlan Crow’s house contains an unbelievable large library.

    Robert D. Kolitz’s house is astonishing.The exterior is wonderful!!!

    Brilliant post!!!


  • Lauren

    Here’s a shout out to the awesome San Antonio homes 🙂 From fellow San Antonian’s at Your Fitness 365 ( We also have a couple of high profile homes in the Helotes area.