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  • Anonymous

    Wow! That's a pretty nice place. Yeah there are some great homes on Lake Minnetonka. There's not a lot of mega-mansions in the midwest because of the harsh winters, but the lake is a great place to live.

    Kenny, do you know of any other's in the area?

  • Jennifer Kirby

    Just so you know. This home did not sell at all. It was taken off the market in January and is now owned by the Bank of America. It is for sale as a foreclosure for $4.7 Million.

  • Nick

    This has to be definitely the most beautiful estate I have ever seen in MN.

    The exterior admittedly it’s not something truly exceptional, but the interior is a real treasure: marvelous ,warm,luxurious, beautiful, friendly and well designed.The home theater room is one of the most impressive I have ever seen.The bedroom is superb, while the two-story great room is fantastic.

    I absolutely love every room of this unique estate.It’s a masterpiece!!!

  • James

    I did some work at this home a few owners ago. It also had secrete passages as escape routs, seems the person who built this home was into rare coin fraud. The most recent owner also was arrested for fraud I believe. There was an interesting history behind this home.

  • Mrs Tebow

    This house was a foreclosure property. This website has an approximate value listed as $9.5M. Per Zillow, it sold in May 2010 for $1,735,294. WOW. Seems like a pretty good deal, as long as it was in decent shape. So many foreclosure homes, especially high maintenance homes such as this, descend into a sad state of disrepair.

  • Steve

    This house is NO LONGER There! The property was purchased in September of 2009 for $4.6 million.

    The house has been torn down.

    Everyone that lived there had terrible troubles. 2 went to jail the other just went broke!

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