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  • Nick

    What an amazing mansion!!!

  • Ashley

    Absurd for two people whose egos exceed their wealth

  • Shel

    I don’t care about his ego, he gave $30 million to build a hospital.

  • Ashley

    tax break – nothing more, nothing less


    Its not about their (Monte’s) ego, but it does show about your mental state.!!! There must be something within oneself (push …drive…hunger for success…whatever you call) to go beyond call of day to day affair that he amassed such wealth and success. Neither you nor me have within us what Monte has. If he wants to enjoy his success and wealth…why not? Learn from others success story to make ourselves better rather than leave a bitter comments.

  • Robert

    I am grateful that this man has made it and is giving back to the organizations that have helped him!!! Success requires hard work and he has demonstrated that hard work pays off!!

  • adam

    Monte came to the US, thanks to his father who sacrificed everything to get him here for school. Monte took his Cleveland State Univ. Senior project and turned it into a reality. My father worked with Monte for 25 years growing his business’s and if you actual met the man you would admire him and learn that he truly is a American Success Story (in our back yard).

  • James

    This man is the biggest stuck up guy I have ever met. In no way or form does he deserve any of this. His day will come

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