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  • Chance

    While I like the exterior and size of this house, the interior is just gaudy and to old-world for me.

  • Anonymous

    Hey great website!!

  • Nick

    By looking this incredible mansion you can understand the meaning of the words “flawless” and “perfection”.

    The interior is wonderful and very inspired, while the rooms are decorated very well.The exterior is perfect and creates amazing feelings by just looking at it.

    It’s a magical estate!!!!!

  • maddy

    Absolutely incredible craftsmanship, interior decorating is flawless, If I’m not mistaken Hadid both designed and helped build this home himself. The only issue I have is that there seems to be very little windows and natural light – and when there is, the huge draped curtains cover them up! There would be a lot of dust when you think about actually living here, I prefer more space but in any case this is extraordinary!

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