This extremely large and elongated 1-story mega-mansion is owned located at

1198 Macdonald Ranch Drive in Henderson, Nevada. The home measures in at 23,554 square feet and contains 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. The home belongs to Betty Foster Garrett. The home had annual property tax of $96,722.82 in 2007, which was the highest in the city of Henderson.

This extremely large 2-story mega-mansion is under construction on 1299 Via Tivoli in Henderson, Nevada. The mansion contains 48,438 square feet of living space. It also has 31 bedrooms and 25.5 bathrooms. The 2007 property tax was $47,164.28, which was the 15th highest in Henderson.

  • Nick

    Pierre Omidyar’s outstanding mansion is one of the best I have ever seen!!!

    It’s definitely a unique and very modern mansion with a lot of underground space.I guess that is justified 48,438 square feet of living space.The property tax for this mansion does not respond to reality…Only $47,164.28?Compared to Garrett’s mansion you realize that property taxes are absurd sometimes.However, the mansion is a contempoprary masterpiece and it’s located on several acres, which is very rare for NV (you can see mega mansions located on extremelly tiny lots and right next to each other), thus Omidyar’s house is so unique from every aspect.

    Garrett’s mansion doesn’t have privacy and it’s located very close to the road -usual for NV.