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  • Al

    Alvin’s mansion doesn’t look like it’s around 62,000 square feet, until you zoom out and see it next to some “large homes” that look tiny next to this place.

  • Kenny

    i agree. i first saw it up close in virtual globetrotting. it said it was 62,000 square feet on the side and I thought it was a typo. then I zoomed out and was amazed. it looks like a museum compared to the other homes.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve driven past Jimmy Jam’s mansion, and the whole street is surrounded by trees like your driving through the woods. Its creepy, even in the daylight. But the view from the street was cool.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Alvin’s home is kind of boring looking for such a HUGE home. It seems like there was no creativity. I wonder what the inside looks like?

  • Kenny

    Yeah, Alvin’s house is very plain on the exterior. Also, i don’t like the color and also how there is not a lot of intricate architectural detail. I guarantee you that the inside is extremely ostentatious.

  • Anonymous

    If I had a “Mega-Mansion” of any size, I would have very comforable colors and textures. None of this white and bright colors. That stuff is very gross. Plus, the couches and chairs would be normal. Not these couches that look like you would have back problems if you took a nap on them. Everything in my place would be like a normal house, but bigger.

  • Anonymous


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  • Chance

    Jimmy Jams (who’s that) mansion is really nice, one of my favorite exteriors of any mansion, need to find more pictures of it though.

  • Nick

    From this part I choose Jimmy Jam’s spectacular modern mansion.This modern masterpiece has it all:privacy,tons of space,beautiful exterior, while something tells me that the interior will be as good as the exterior.What a mansion!!!

    Also, I’m very curious to see how Alvin’s mansion encompasses 62.000 sq.foot of living space.The exterior is pretty sweet and the interior must be also exceptional.But, it looks a little bit like a museum of modern art…

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