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  • Rathna

    Excellent view of pictures. I am really amazed seeing the total sq.foot area,i must really apreciate the architect for this wounderful architechture!!

  • Anonymous

    This place is really cool! Especially the underground parking garage.

    He must've done a lot of pre-planning this estate.


    Such a lovely home for a man with such an unpleasant sister.

    • sam

      Who is his sister and what is it about her that is so “unplesant”?

    • charlotte

      She is a mean spirited brat

    • Anne S.

      I don’t know you.
      What does John’s house have to do with your feeling about me?
      Unless you are Charles H sister? And if that is true, you should be grateful that your nieces aren’t in prison for what they did to Papa John.

      • Anne S.

        Dear Q-Anne,
        It is unfortunate that people would use this forum to express their negative feelings about you, such as “Charlotte”, whoever she may be. I doubt that out of the millions of people named Charlotte, this can be attributed to me, however, I understand the conclusiveness of it. Since that happened, I would like to contrast that with some of my positive comments and feelings. Just for the record! I have always, and still do, consider John and his entire family, especially you, a blessing to our community. During my brief period of involvement with you and your family, I found everyone to have integrity, honesty, sincerity, and uprightness in all situations, and it was my priviledge
        to have shared time with you and your family.
        On another note, the “nieces” could not have been placed “in prison for what they did to Papa John”, because they did not do anything to Papa John, unless simply riding with an adult (as a minor) is illegal, when the adult does something wrong. It is my understanding that the only legal adult involved in that situation, was prosecuted.
        In addition, I honor John as the creator of both the business and the house, not as “The House that Papa John’s built”, as suggested in the email subject line. Both the business and the house came out of John’s great mind, not out of the business, so, John did it all.
        In conclusion, thanks so much for forwarding this to me, as I hope my comments have helped to put a balance of positive in this forum as a possible affiliate through suggestion of “Charlotte” being “Charles H’s” sister.

        • Jackson

          no the house and business came out of johns greedy exploitive mind…..nothing great about it.

      • Jackson

        Whatever these kids did to papa john is highly commendable. papa john is an arrogant douche of a person….completely lacking in empathy….just a pathetically useless excuse of a person….

        • ANTHONY


          • MEg

            If Papa John was such an empathetic character… why does he have to cut hours to his employees to avoid paying for their health care? after looking at photos of his Castle… I think he could stand to take a little cut in his take home pay in order to have a ligitimate business that his employees can be proud to work for… If he gave a shit about his employees, he would pay for their health insurance, because that’s what decent people do.

          • Guy

            “he would pay for their health insurance, because that’s what decent people do.” That’s funny … it wasn’t what decent people did before Obama showed up, so you think he isn’t decent because he disagrees with Obama? Papa John deserves everything he has because he’s earned it by providing a much needed service. When I call other pizza chains I get a bunch of idiots who can’t competently deliver a freaking pizza. Papa John’s pizza is always awesome, always on time, always a good price, and always delivered by competent people. If you want health insurance get a career, not a job delivering pizza. But while you’re in college or making some cash on the side, thank you for working for a great pizza place.

      • Jake

        Anne is the sister of Papa Out House? Tell him to drop the arrogant act and treat his employee’s like humans. Nothing worse than a guy worth 500 million net whining about PENNIES! By the way , his pizza tastes like cardboard and ketchup , NASTY.

        • Ken

          This forum should be focused on the extreme greatness of this home rather than the matter of how he operates his business or whatever legal action is being spoken of. I would love to take a tour of this home, it seems incredible to me.

          But since the discussion has turned to this, I would just like to point out to all these finance experts that it may be only $0.20 per employee which sounds like a small number; but when you multiply that by how many employees are employed by the company that could become an astronomical number. A good solution in my opinion is to raise your prices a tiny amount to cover this expense. A better solution, again in my opinion, is to repeal Obamacare as this is NOT the national healthcare system we need nor should want!

          • Guy

            I totally agree. His house is awesome! An underground 22 car garage with a rotating thing to move around all his limos? Well done.

            I run a business and work hard just to cut a tenth of a cent off my cost per unit. $0.20 per employee is a ton of money.

  • Nick

    That’s a so unique estate.Few homes have so good exterior and even few so perfect underground garage.

    The underground garage is possibly the best I have ever seen!!!

  • Charles H.

    Thank you for the email. The pictures of Johns house look great, however, I would give John all of the credit, not the business he created. Certainly reference should be made to his business, since he created both the business and the house, but since both are products of his great mind, credit should be exclusive to John for both. They are his creations!
    I can understand your apparent agitation and potential conclusion concerning whoever Charlotte is, however, the “nieces” could not have been put “in prison” because of “what they did to Papa John”.
    The “nieces” were minors, and most importantly, they did not do anything to John. They just happened to be in the car with the adults that threw a book, therefore complicit through association; certainly not responsible for other adults’ actions.
    Personally, I think it is sad that anyone would be negative on this blog or use it to communicate anything other than admiration for a wonderful man, a wonderful family, and a wonderful sister, all of which are assets to our community. I can assure everyone that “Charlotte” is not in my family, as everyone in my family, is acutely aware of my esteem and admiration for all of John’s family, especially his sister, Anne.
    I am truly sorry Q-Anne, for anyone with so little consideration for you, as to use this forum in this manner.
    Charles H.

  • Anne S.

    Dear Q-Anne,
    It is unfortunate that people would use this forum to express their negative feelings about you, such as “Charlotte”, whoever she may be. I doubt that out of the millions of people that are named Charlotte, this can be attributed to me, however, I understand the conclusiveness of it. Since that happened, I would like to contrast that with some of my positive comments and feelings. Just for the record! I have always, and still do, consider John and his entire family, especially you, a blessing to our community. During my brief period of involvment with you and your family, I found everyone to have integrity, honesty, sincerity, and uprightness, in all situations, and it was my priviledge to have shared time with you and your family.
    On another note, the “nieces” could not be placed “in prison for what they did to Papa John”, because they did not do anything to Papa John, unless riding with adults (as minors) is illegal, when the adults do something wrong. It is my understanding that the only person of legal age involved in that situation, was prosecuted.
    In addition, I honor John as the creator of both the business and his house, not “The House that Papa John’s built”, as is the subject line of the email. Both the business and the house came out of John’s great mind, not out of the business, so in my mind, John did it all.
    In conclusion, thanks so much for forwarding this to me, as I hope my comments have put a balance of positive in this forum as a possible affiliate through the suggestion of “Charlotte” being “Charles H’s” sister.

  • W.M. Stevens

    Are there any pictures of the interior of the home? I fabricated the kitchen range hood and I would be intrested in seeing it in situ.

  • ray

    Sounds like a bunch of rich, skulking fat and spoiled morons pissed off about bad pie….personally, I perfer pizzahut.


    I saw this house on another site and when changing views realized the extensive underground garage. This house was built to be unobtrusive, despite its size. I originally estimated the house at 12-15,000 sq/ft, but when I saw the garage entrance coming out of the lawn, I knew it was much bigger.
    His pizza is one of the best that I have ever had. The crust is incredible and the ingredients are of a consistent high quality. The guy with the territory of Ontario, Canada, was, I was told a former Papa John’s delivery guy. This is a company that breeds success. There are about 3,500 stores in several countries. If JS makes $50. a day from each franchise think how much his income is.

    • Jake

      Best pizza you ever had? You dont get out much huh? His pizza is NASTY , cardboard and ketchup best describes it. Try a real restaurant sometime.

  • Lonny

    I met John Shnatter on New Years Eve in Park City Utah. He is a cool dude. Very down to earth for a millionaire.

  • Jack

    John whines about providing health care to his employees while living it up in his 40,000 sq ft mega-mansion. No more Papa Johns in our house from today forward.

    • Jeff

      I’m with you, Jack. Poor “papa John” my patooty.

      • MP

        I’m with you! Have never had a Papa John’s pizza and do not intend to buy one ever, now. If that is what you think of your employees who are partially responsible for your great success, you are not much of a businessman in my humble opinion.

        • MEg

          Agree! Never buying another mediocre papa john pizza again… unless he provides health care for his employees.

  • TenkMow

    Here is a perfect example of corporate America. One dude gets filthy rich while those who got him there dont make enough to survive. Pathetic. Buy pizza from your local mom and pop pizzeria! Stop making d-bags like this rich whiile he openly exploits his workforce!

    • Arlo

      I’m with you. What’s the benefit of having a “brilliant mind” as these posts assert, if you have no heart or morals. And speaking of “helping the community”, that’s what buying from local business – including pizza – does. That’s what I do.

  • Arlo

    Dear Charlotte, Anne and Charles – it is not clear to the rest of us what you are talking about. But reading between the lines, it sounds like some young girls were in the car when “Papa John” did something illegal, and rather than lie on his behalf, they told the truth. If this is indeed the case, it means that Anne would like minors to go to prison for being honest. She is indeed “unpleasant” and a “mean spirited brat”. However, so is Charlotte for bringing up this topic here. And Charles, you are a spineless kiss ass of a man for not sticking up for your family. You will never “get another chance” with this greedy family, so suck it up and find some pride. From the sounds of it, the only people in Kentucky with any character at all are those nieces. God bless them.

  • John Parsons

    HE may cut back the hours of his full time workers becuase of the ACA and he lives like this. What a Dbag!

  • joe

    Eat more pizza! especially the GMO type.

  • Maltaman
  • Maltaman

    Not only did JS host a fundraiser for Rmoney, a few weeks later he hosted one for Brooks Wicker, a GOP challenger to incumbent John Yarmuth – Yarmuth won reelection this week and by all accounts appears to be a competent and responsible representative for the Louisville area…

  • Deb

    It’s a shame, living like this to deny loosing 14 cents per pizza to provide health care for his employees. I understand to have a successful business you have to watch the bottom line to increase productivity, but how about insuring that your employees who are assets have less stress with better medical insurance coverage. What ever happened to ‘paying it forward’ Papa John?????

    • Grace

      Well said. JS shows his true values.

  • Rob

    Yes ,poster child for the new greedy assholes .I see the sister was taken to task a few posts up ! The pizza sucks anyway IMHO !

  • Danny

    The guy is a hero to me. He took a closet in his father’s tavern, and created a pizza empire. He’s now worth more than 1/12 billion. He earned it, get over it.

    • Lori

      I agree with you Danny. The guy did well and should be able to enjoy the fruits of his long hours spent building a very successful Entrepreneurship-sadly fewer people will be able to create like businesses for the next four years. Do any of these negative posters understand the encumbrances ObamaCare will add to Business Owners? It will be destructive to all their bottom lines and shouldn’t effect their personal incomes. Nor is it anyone’s judgement call how they should spend it. So far, this isn’t entirely a Socialist Country and those who work hard should keep the fruits of their labors and not have to share it with those who choose not to work.

      • JayHobeSound

        “…those who work hard should keep the fruits of their labors and not have to share it with those who choose not to work.”

        The issue is JS choosing to deny affordable healthcare to the employees who most certainly do contribute to his wealth every hour they are working at a PJ’s store. JS is not being castigated for his wealth or his big house; he is being castigated for publicly saying that he and the PJ store franchisees would rather hire less, cut hours or do whatever they can to deny healthcare to employees who help keep him in his lifestyle.

        For all JS’s anti-Obamacare comments, the man has now earned the title of d-bag all by himself.

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  • tammy

    I agree with Danny.. this dude deserves whatever he has… He took all the risk, worked all the hours, even sold his car to make it happen and is reaping all the benefits. Have you ever considered, What if his profit margin is $.14 per pizza?? When you sell millions of pizzas, it doesnt take much to get filthy rich. Papa Johns does not release their data so how can anyone honestly boycott them without full details of how 14 cents would really affect their bottom line. This country will never move forward until the partisan bickering stops and real discussions ensue. Why do we automatically demonize anyone who has legitimate concerns about such sweeping legislation.

    • Weavecity

      Um, did you look at the pictures of his house? That’s why

  • Robert

    It’s greedy people like this that will eventually bring down capitalism as we know it. Anyone who admires someone like this is part of the problem and the ills of this country’s economy, not the solution.

    • Weavecity

      Exactly! “Healthcare for employees!?! F that, I need my own golf course!” Douchebag! I won’t be eating his crap pizza ever again.

  • Sharon Stone Gibson

    This is a beautiful home and Papa John and his family deserves to live in it happily. PAPA JOHN himself created the pizza business which provides jobs for thousands of people. These people should be happy they have jobs. To be able to work is a priviledge as well as an opportunity to provide for your family. If the government continues to put more and more mandates on people like Papa John and many other people willing to take the risk to start businesses and provide jobs, people will not be willing to start businesses. The people who start businesses are the JOB creators/providers….it’s either them or nobody. The only other alternative is to get a “handout” from the government. For more and more people to be dependent on the government is something we can’t allow to ever happen in a country as GREAT at the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I always say “Something next to nothing looks really good”….So, people, be grateful that you have a job at all…!!!! IMHO

    • Crystal

      You know who else is a job creator? People who work for people like Papa John and then go out into the community they live in and buy products! These companies do not succeed without the people working within them and being a part of stimulating the economy. Seriously.

    • Brooke

      @Sharon Stone Gibson, Are you suggesting that if the tax rate on the owner of Papa John’s goes upo by 3%, he will be left without the will to succeed? That a top marginal tax rate less than the one under Reagan will kill American innovation? That a young, innovative genius will come up with a great idea and then say…”well taxes on the rich are so high, I will not start a business and just keep my $9/hr job at Papa John’s”? Really?
      Have some faith in America.

    • Jake

      More like Papa Out House should be glad he had dedicated employee’s that help to make him successful and ultra wealthy. How does he repay them? He cuts their hours so he doesnt have to pay for their healthcare !! The pig is worth 500 million net and he whines about pennies.

  • Crash Bean

    The “right” are so hypocritical. Out of one side of their mouths they blast the “lazy freeloaders” who only want a handout and won’t get out and get a job, then out of the other side of their mouths they say “Hooray!” for the greedy business owner who cuts hours for his employees so he won’t have to pay for their health insurance! I’ve even heard some people say “they should just get a REAL job!” Where would you eat if there weren’t people doing these “UNREAL” jobs? You can’t complain about “Freeloaders” and not support people trying to earn a living! You can’t complain about “entitlements” like Medicaid if you can’t help people get Health Insurance. If the added cost is 14 cents per pizza, just add it on. I’ll pay that! Most of us will never notice! This is a political statement from a rich, selfish jerk. If he cuts hours of his staff, he’ll never get another dime of my money.

  • Chris

    Sour grapes from a sore looser….he aligned himself with the loosing team and now he wants to dog the winner. John stop playing politics put you big boy pants on and stop whining. Sounds to me you resent taking care of your employees. How much do you really need before it becomes greed? Perhaps you should pray on this and ask yourself if any of these people you want to cut played any role in your success……Man up and take care of them.

  • Jake

    This guys the typical greedy corporate hack. Whining about Obamacare and having to raise the price of his garbage pizza 10 cents and cutting employee hours so he can SAVE A PENNY. DISGUSTING DISPLAY OF WEALTH THERE PAPA OUT HOUSE.

  • Jake


  • Matthew S.

    Congratulations Papa John! You inspire me to dream because you have set an example that having a dream, taking risks and working hard can produce amazing results. If more American’s aspired to be like you they could be self supportive and give back to society instead of always taking. I apologize on behalf of all the jealous mean spirited people who have taken the class warfare bait for they know not what they speak.

    Fond regards,

  • Loraine

    Interestingly enough, when they stopped slavery, child labor and all these things we consider archaic now, people were told they should be grateful to their barron robber overlords for a job and shut up. The rich also threatened then to take away their jobs. Funny thing – it turns out, to get rich, you need people to work for you. Oh, and buy your product.

    Also – exactly what risk did Papa John take? Starting a pizza company out of his father’s tavern, then selling the car (probably bought by his father) to buy-out his father’s business partner? Yeah. Helluva risk, all that. You know what’s risky? Waiting for a bus in a bad neighborhood where there are drive-by shootings so you can get to your minimum wage mall job in the suburbs. That’s risky.

  • Ken Gossage

    To avoid giving healthcare to his employees by using price increase as an excuse and at the same time running a promotion to give away 2 million free pizzas is such a slap in the face to his customers and employees. He offers cadilac plans to executives to purchase, that are too expensive for the frontline workers to afford. I would not eat that pizza if it was free. Strictly private pizzaria pizza for me. Support local pizzarias. Never liked chain pizzerias much anyway. NYC has plenty of authentic mom and pop pizzarias. It sounds like Papa John’s is the WalMart of pizza.

  • Rich

    Nice try with the backtracking in the media over the last couple days- you whiney, greedy little Willard Robme supporter.

    And BTW, a real analysis on what health care for all his workers would cost was done in Forbes magazine (for all you fox “news” viewers, it must now be a commie, fascist, nazi, democratic mag now) and it was 3.5 cents per pizza.

    And now that you’re a billionaire off the backs of the minimum wage working poor that are the real workers, can you please get that disturbing, end of commercial head twitch taken care of?

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  • randy

    Why is Papa John required to pay for his worker’s healthcare? Is that what defines a good guy or a good boss? If that’s the definition of a good guy or good person how many of you chuckleheads who are complaining about Papa John making millions off the backs and hard work of minimum wage employees are paying for thousands of people’s health insurance? I would venture to say exactly – zero.

    Papa John came up with the idea for his pizza (like the product or not) and he is the one who took all the risks (financial, personal, etc). He should be able to benefit from the hard work and risks he took.

    If you want to have a house like Papa John’s come up with the next Papa John’s type idea and grow your business into something that will allow you to own a home like his.

    The problem with people who dont have lots of money or are not wildly successful and therefore not blessed with tremendous monetary wealth is they do not understand the way money works or even basic economics.

    The fact is that in order for Papa John to pay for worker’s healthcare as now required by the federal goverment, the bill for that “perk” would be astronomical given the number of employees.

    Here is an idea – how about every one of his employees set aside enough money to pay for his / her own health insurance. What?!?!? It’s too expensive? Right – now multiply the number of Papa Johns employees and tell me how affordable it is.

    Typical liberal jack offs being jealous and envious haters because he is rich and they arent.

    All fostered by the jackass in the White House

  • James

    I have been around for a while and never have I been more appalled at the divisiveness of this great country. One man in order to maintain power has used his oratorial skills to deceive a nation. It is no longer acceptable to rise up and make something of yourself. The accepted way to move up the economic scale is to knock someone successful off of their perch and redistribute their money (which they had nothing to do with earning) to those who cannot or will not earn it themselves. 108,000,000 people are on federal assistance, not including medicare and social security. And that figure is climbing at 5 million per year since the annointed one duped the downtrodden. But do not fear, the rich will never run out of money.

  • Orlando

    Why should he pay Randy? Because he doesn’t actually work in any of his stores that make him money. Health care is a perk right ? PFFFFFFF! My rates keep going up because people end up in the hospital and can’t pay the bill. Please Look at that gaudy house? It’s the perfect symbol for people who believe that greed means success. He maybe rich but he has no class. How many people actually live there? What kind of inferiority complex do you have where you have to compensate for it with the Mac Mansions of all Mc Mansions?
    He took the risks? You mean in the days when bankruptcy was easy to declare?
    The jack ass in the White has done more for my small business and mortgage than your “genius” Bush. I’m sick of hearing

  • Southend

    Each of us already pay for almost every employed person’s health insurance premiums every time we purchase anything — because most employers do (and have) provided health insurance coverage as a benefit (long before the Affordable Care Act), and those premium costs are simply factored into the price point of a company’s goods/services as a cost of doing business. He should raise the price of his pizza by $0.14 and shut up. Further, it’s a publicly-traded company and the board and the shareholders should fire his butt for starting a PR nightmare that has decimated the brand. This could ultimately be a good thing because fewer pizzas consumed could result in a decrease in heart disease and other obesity-related illnesses.

  • bighulawood

    When the poor say they can’t afford healthcare AND bread, the Master of Louisville’s Versailles says “let them eat pie!”

  • Megan

    I’m sorry. This is not a product of John’s brilliant mind. Sure, he built a pizza business, and sure, he said, “Build a castle with a Batcave for cars & a golf course.” But an ARCHITECT designed the home; a CONTRACTOR oversaw construction; loads of men & women physically built it. John’s mind had little to do with it. Give credit where credit is actually due.

  • Michael

    Geez, I completely disagree with Papa John’s politics, and don’t necessarily like the pizza, nor whatever happened with the nieces in the car when whatever happened whenever it did. Hey, if the responsible parties received justice, everyone should be done.

    However, I admire the empire he has built that allows him to live in the luxury he does. It is a beautiful home and frankly would love to be invited to play golf and chill at the house for an afternoon. Who wouldn’t? My hope is that PaPa John and his family have a wonderful and continued prosperous New Year and that his compassion for others increase.

    Understand that having wealth should be an opportunity to do more for them that have the least.

  • Michael

    Imagine the house he could have built if he served a good pizza instead of one that tastes like cardboard. Only Little Caesars is worse. Buy a pizza from a local mom and pop anyway.

  • Jack

    His house sucks, His Pizza sucks and he sucks, but sadly he doesn’t care what any of us think because we aren’t big Ballers like him!

  • Christina

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  • Clint

    I think before he adds a single embellishment he might want to clean up his image as a snotty plutocrat. My favorite pizza is Pizza Hut but I used to occasionally eat a Papa John’s pizza. Since his political statement, if a group orders a pizza and even suggests Papa John’s it will result in an argument. I have seen people walk out of a party of their friends because Papa John’s pizza is being served. I thought it was just an election thing but saw it as recently as last week. Many people that used to order regularly now will not because of the perception that they agree with the political message of total disregard for everyone but the millionaire set.

    Whatever his true feelings are about his employees he needs to find a way to not be known as the arrogant millionaire Pizza Place. He may even need to resign from the company in order to clean its image. If he does not I am guessing that the mansion you describe will eventually be on the market for someone else to buy.

    • d0x360

      He won’t ever lose the image of being a scumbag. It’s one thing to not offer insurance but when you do that and then flaunt your wealth anytime possible…Wealth that wouldn’t be possible without the hardwork of teenagers and college kids just trying to get by…No recovery.

      As for his pizza he can keep it either way

  • Bentley J

    I do not like his politics, and I can’t stand his decisions as an employer — but this is an awesome house.

  • sociologist

    such a big house for a person that just take all health benefits of its employees. Papa John should know by know that his employees are the ones that give him the money for all that.

    • lurch

      You are right.

  • He got this house from all the things he has taken from his employees over the years. He pays 1.12 per delivery for gas. We made that 25 years ago. He started the less the minimum wage for drivers then all the other pizza places did it. Not a fan if this guy.

  • Ky Architect

    The wrong architect is given credit, Don Evans did not design it. It was designed by a Louisville based architect.

    • d0x360

      Nobody cares, nobody.

  • David Christie

    Some people have so much. While most people in the world have so precious little. Yet, when Schnatter isn’t using pizza to hype himself as a TV Commercial celebrity, he’s busy trying to cook up ways to chisel his employees out of a living wage and benefits. Jesus said it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to reach Heaven. If so, there’s certainly a special little spot in the pit of Hell waiting for Schnatter.

  • suicidey

    All you jealous hypocrites make me laugh

    • d0x360

      Of what his house or his pizza? Cause a house that big is fun for a week, then you get angry that it takes 15 min to walk from your kitchen to your door. That gets old fast.

      As for his pizza..Nah I’m not jealous because the pizza they sell now is much different than it was when the company started. The modern Papa John’s pizza was invented by a bunch of cooks in a literal laboratory and good old John didn’t have much to do with it.

      Plus his wife is hanging with the poolboy while he searches eBay for more pewter dragons.

      I’m good man I’m good, I’ll keep my life and he can have his. I might not have a pee filled moat but my pool is bigger than his and I can get to it in under a min if I need to.

      Seriously that moat probably stinks like bird poop and God knows what else.

  • ultimatemexicano3535 .

    He worked hard to get there… None of his employees would have any JOBS at all if he didn’t work as hard as many people like him do. His house looks to have some pretty nice landscaping, but from the views, the house looks fairly cookie cutter/tacky iteself

    • PeterParkour

      And this guy wouldn’t have all his millions without those employees. He knew how to play the game and make people work for him. That’s how all these rich executives get their money. They get people that do their dirty work, amass the money made into his bank account that should be spread across the board, nickel and dime his workers out of health benefits. Get this, you can work hard, be wealthy AND be modest. Instead this guy buys a mega-mansion. Stop champion people like him.

    • d0x360

      Yes he did it 100% alone. No bank loans,no employee’s just him in every store from open till close taking orders from idiots, cooking the pizza and delivering it to.

      The bonus to doing it totally by yourself is you get a moat around your oddly decorated mansion and you don’t have to worry about offering health insurance!

  • ultimatemexicano3535 .

    People of the masses look for a hand out here or there wayyy to often these days, they expect too much. Be thankful you live in America. And when you say you “work hard” actually do it, not just a 40 hour week grind…

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