This Neo-Classical mansion is located on Natelli Woods Lane.

The large home at the end is 20,000+ square feet and surrounded by 10,000 square foot homes.

This beautiful estate is located on Norton Road. It has manicured lawns, numerous walkways, a tennis court, a guest house, and a swimming pool with pool house.

These two homes are located on Highland Farm Road. The second one is one of the largest homes in Potomac. The home has a greenhouse, massive indoor pool, and an expansive garage area with underground parking.

This mansion is located off of River Road at the end of a long private driveway. It is owned by Dan Snyder who owns the Washington Redskins.

  • Nick

    MD is a very small and very wealthy state with extremelly huge houses.

    The mansions are very special and thus very beautiful.What else should I say?The pics are talking better…

    Once again it’s fantastic to see pics taken from bird’s eye view.