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  • Anonymous

    There’s this option on Google Earth to have a street view, and it turns out (you can’t tell from Virtual Globetrotting) that the house is up on a hill, so the size makes it seem even bigger and important.

  • Anonymous

    So how did you miss the 152′ yacht?

  • Joe

    And to think that when I was a teen, my parents told me “Don’t sell drugs or you will never become anything in life” Look where it got Mr. Jones here!!! Thanks Dad

    • Nick

      LOL LOL LOL!!!

  • anonymous

    I worked for this guy in the mid 90’s and I’ll never forget him or the wealth he created for all of us on the JMED team. Hard to believe his first house was a trailer in Cherry Point, NC.

  • anonymous

    it is really nice and there is also a bar or 2 on each level. the cars they have are super nice too

  • Linda Bryant

    It’s amazing what working seven days a week for 20 years can do for you …one wife, two kids, three companies, and Bingo …wealth for the founder, the employees, and the shareholders!

  • Scott Hepper

    Scott Hepper from Carriage House Florals in Frontenac-I am their florist. One thing not mentioned: They are the most genuine down-to-earth and MOST gracious couple I have ever met. Amazing-and very refreshing-Always a smile from Her…and usually a hug-and a good handshake from him…..always.
    That’s impressive.

  • Christopher Wrigley

    Scott Hepper is not their florist … he’s done a few things for them like every other florist in town and he doesn’t work for Carriage House anymore, he was fired.

    The family is great. Judy and Dennis are real people despite their wealth. They’re also fair.

  • Dan Wilkinson

    I’ve known Dennis and Judy since grade school. Great, down-to-earth, generous people. Always enjoy seeing them at reunions.

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