This recently completed French inspired mansion is located on Tudor Rose Terrace in Mahwah. While the other homes on the street are large, this home is by far the biggest because of its width.

This home is located on Capstick Road in Montville. (right next to Pond View Estates)

These two homes are located on Pond View in Montville. They are located in one of Montville’s most prestigious enclaves, Pond View Estates.

This home is located on Old Timber Trail in Boonton

This home is located on Adams Way in Towaco. It features a 4-car garage.

This home is located off of Woodside Drive in a small subdivision in Boonton.

  • Kenny

    I drove through the Pond View Estates and they are amazing. Montville is a very beautiful place and has fairly large homes around every corner.


    • Nick

      You are so lucky because you can see through your car all these marvellous estates!!!I can only see these mansions through Bing Maps…NJ is so perfect!!!

      I find very beautiful all the estates, but I especially like the home which is located on Capstick Road in Montville.