This is the home of former Home Depot CEO Robert Nardelli. The home is located on W Garmon Road NW. The humongous 30,000 square foot mansion was originally only 19,000 square feet when he bought it.

This is a magnificent mini castle mansion complete with moat located off Arnold Mill Road in Roswell, GA

This is the stately home of Giants Player Osi Umenyiora. It was featured on an episode of Cribs.

This home is located on Blackwater Trail NW in Marietta.

This home is being built on Valley Road NW in Atlanta

This massive home is being built on Blackland Road NW in Atlanta.

  • i can not understand .ther is so maney rich pepole. why some one thet is so rich help the poor, starting with me, i like to have some cash sending to me, i need it very much, you will fill good when you give to individuals. not to organizations, they do not help. they take 90 cent on a dollar, and most of them have a lavish life, while we are suffering
    thenk you kindely. KATYA


  • Nick

    The 2 homes under construction look very interesting.

    Also I am very curious to see the interior of the castle like mansion.