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    The Nimes Road mansion is by far my favorite. The architecture is outstanding and the interior is filled with the finest materials. I will be doing a post on this home very soon.

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    The Brooklawn Drive mansion is very interesting, I would love to see the interior though.

    The N. Faring Road mansion, judging by the yellow of the exterior, seems a huge dissapointment.It reminds me a little Paul Merage’s in Newport Coast with only one difference:Merage’s house is thousands times better…I wish the interior to be better than exterior…

    And now we have the winner of ugliness:Shadow Hill Way…Both interior and exterior are for garbage…Especially, the interior is one of the ugliest I have ever seen…What kind of movies they are filming in this monstrosity?For it’s sq.foot it’s definitely a faillure.

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    Hey Kenny, they showed the Hadid house on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night…Lisa Vanderpump said the house was 60,000SF, was she wrong…is in ‘only’ 30,000 SF?

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      Kenny Forder

      Hey. I saw!!!! Such an amazing home! Yeah, she’s wrong haha. Nope, it’s 48,000 square feet.


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