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  • Anonymous

    It just seems like a very big, cold, lonely house. I’d love to live in a mansion for a spell, and I love your blog, but this one looks so sad. Nothing inviting or warm at all.

  • Anonymous

    You should see the house now. Still owned by Larry House. I saw it and it is beautiful. The trees have developed.

    • kate

      its going to take more than trees to bring it back to life. trust me

  • anonymous

    How can House still own it when the is no furniture in it and it was sold in auction in 2003.

    • kate

      he owns it again. back up for sale, and it was never fully furnished to begin with!
      its all smoke and mirrors darling. a big lie!

  • Jorge

    The house was sold to settle a tax debt House owed to the government. He bought it back for a fraction of what he built it for, but more importantly, a fraction of what he owed to the government. Tax bill paid at a massive discount, he had his beloved home back and we the taxpayers get screwed yet again!

  • DSB

    I want to know why he’s selling it again? Who does the a**hole owe now?? This “scheme” should be illegal…sounds pretty damned underhanded to me!

  • kate

    they need cash…its all smoke and mirrors..trust me,, I KNOW!!! sold farm for 300k when it was priced at 2.7 million.
    no liquid assets left…

  • Susan Tice

    someone is going to get a really good deal.

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