Square Feet: 36,000 (more pictures of this home further down)

On the market for $15 million
Square Feet: 18,000

Located on High Point Road, Toronto, Canada
This home is owned by Founder/CEO of a famous Pharmaceutical Company

One of the largest homes in Bridle Path. 
Located on Park Lane Circle, Toronto, Canada.
Square Feet: 45,000

Located on Park Lane Circle, Toronto, Canada
Square Feet: 36,000

All of these homes are located in the prestigious Bridle Path section of Toronto. Bridle Path is known as Millionaire’s Row and consists of multi-million dollar mansions. Bridle Path has been home to moguls Conrad Black and Moses Znaimer and singer Celine Dion.

  • Anonymous

    These homes are incredible. The poor person in me wonders how they heat such mamoth structures.

    Thanks for posting the pictures.


  • Nick

    This community has to be one of my favorites.The homes are huge and very beautiful!!!Astonishing community!!!!