Location: Dallas, TX
Square Feet: 30,000 added on to existing residence

Location: Highland Park, TX
Square Feet: 28,000

Location: Deloache Avenue, Dallas, TX
Square Feet: 20,000 plus 3,000 sq.ft guest house

Location: 5555 Walnut Hill Lane, Dallas, TX
Owner: Tom Hicks
Square Feet: 28,996
Price: $29,881,390
Amenities: 6 bedrooms / 12 bathrooms

Location: Park Lane, Dallas, TX
Square Feet: 20,000
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  • Kieran

    Wow this probibly one of the most impressive posts on your blog. way to go dallas!


  • Nick

    Harlan Crow’s estate contains one of the most impressive libraries I have ever seen.But I have a question:Where is the phantom???LOL LOL LOL!

    The 2nd mansion is owned by John Muse and it has one of the best exteriors I have ever seen.The only drawback of this unique estate is the interior in some rooms.

    The last house is unbelievably stunning with elegant interior.

    VERDICT: Dallas RULES!!!!!!