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  • brooklawn dr.

    Just my opinion, but when you are marketing a very high end property, your target clientle expect something more than this cheesy effort.

    Having said that…. Holy Guacamole!! One hell of a house!!

  • Anonymous

    Not such a nice house, way too overdone and overpriced. Several nicer more tasteful houses are on the market in BP for much less $

  • Anonymous

    2 acre lot in Beverly Park 5-10 mill

    10-15 mill for building cost,add in overuns & holding.Developer is probably in @ 25 mill & the meter is running.

    Original list was 49 mill ,currently down to a 35 mill list.

    Have a Saudi client who wasn't interested by seeing pics online ,told him to offer 25 mill cash…etc

    I am not even a broker.


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