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  • Anonymous

    Is the Hilbert mansion pink or is that just the way it looks at a distance?

  • Anonymous

    This estate has since been reduced to 15 million.

  • Omar Fidel Espinosa

    Yes the hilbert mansion is made with peachy pink bricks.
    The Hilbert Estate went from $25-20 Mil. in a period of about 18-24 months. Then dropped again from $20-15 Mil. after about 18 months. It stayed at $15 Mil. for less than 6 months and is now priced at 9.9 million.

    The estate took 5 years to build (88-93). The Hilberts commisioned Robie Fusch from Texas as the architect.
    It was built by a local contractor of fine homes.Aprox. cost to build 7.5-10 million. This home has a utility bill(gas,h2o,elec) in excess of $60,000 annually. Its taxes are about $120k. And the grounds cost 40,000 to maintain. A grand total of over 220k a year!

    There are several homes in carmel that are or were 20k sqft or larger. The perez mansion built around the time of the Hilberts estate was leveled, and turned into a subdivision. It was 20k sqft, and is no more. Also Scott Jones an inventor and designer should be included.

    The largest home in carmel and in the whole state is the Melvin and brenda simon estate, the main house is nearly 50,000 sqft. This home is in the top ten largest homes built since the 1930s. It also has a guest house larger than 10,000 sq ft. Its outdoor pool measures 50×30, it is surrounded by a private 27 hole golf course on nearly 100 acers. This home has hosted presidents including Obama and Clinton, Governors, Senators, and other politicians. The cost to maintain 10110 ditch road exceeds 1 million dollars annually. Its taxes are well and above the 120k mark.

    The estate is large and there are only 3 billionaires in indiana, each already having their own estate. The chance of some billionaire wanting to settle in indiana is slight. So what market is there for such an estate.

    The question then arises what will become of the Simon estate after Brenda Simon passes on. As of late there have been talks to give it to IU, transforming it into a think tank compound for liberal political aspirations and interests.

  • Gindy51

    Recently sold at auction for a measly $3 million. WOW.

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