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  • Anonymous

    Amazingly this house is actually tastefully done. Wonderful staircase and feature windows. Shows that not every mega mansion is full of bad taste.

  • Anonymous

    This house really is beauitful; I wish I could live there! It really looks incredibly massive.

  • Andrew

    This house is officially in Alpine. The street address they use is on Rio Vista Drive.

  • Anonymous

    Andrew, you are wrong….25 pendergast ct, cresskill is the official address, i am friends with the cohen family….also next to pool there is a pool house and under it there is another 2 car garage to technically you can say its an 8 car garage home

  • Nick

    Definitely one of the best mansions I have ever seen.The exterior is unique and truly beautiful.This estate is a miracle!

  • ROB

    Nice huge mansion……I would like 2 meet them 1 day my wife works very hard for his company @ his head quarters in E Rutherford,NJ………..

  • Marc

    Why would a family of 4 need 25,000 sq ft of living space? I think they are mentally ill.

  • Brian

    I helped build this house. The owners (mostly Lisa) were often there and were very nice people.

  • Brian degnon

    This house took 3 years to finish.

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