Here is a list of the best home builders and architects in New Jersey. I hope you like them.

Custom Home builders:
1. Polo Master Builders
2. Toll Brothers
3. Pinnacle Custom
4. Byron Hill Homebuilders
5. Bocina Homes Corporation
6. Spagnuolo Builders
7. Commorata & Berardi
8. Martelli Signature Homes
9. Alliotts Construction
10. BDS Group
11. Slocum and Son
12. Di Staulo Homes

Luxury Home Architects:
1. Thomas Baio Architect
2. Barlo Architecture
3. Beer & Coleman
4. Bol Architecture
5. J.W. Pedersen

  • Amjad Iqbal

    I love your website. I live in NJ and was wondering if you were planning on updating the top builders list above. I see it has a date of 2008 and I believe some of the builders are no longer in business while others have changed their name (i.e. BDS Group is now Salmon Group).




  • Don quixote

    Toll brothers? Really? That completely discredits this list. Only someone who knows zilch about construction would put those masters of crap on a best builders list, what a joke.


  • AlpineOwner

    DiStaulo? Like the above comments. You need to update your info. They sell a good story and make a nice looking product but the quality is horrible. My home is literally falling apart and all they do is blame others. Avoid these scam artists!