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  • Marie

    The first one is impressive, similar to a castle, beautiful, is that one being constructed somewhere? It is beautifully designed and the floor plan flows with grace, for it’s size! Amazing how they kept all separate, and I like the tower too, that we cannot see on the floor plan, and neither the 3rd floor (mentioned). The second one seems to me as an arabic influence, I would expect that one to have a better use of the plans, as, the first one was flowing, the second one seemed to me as it was just filling spaces, nice design, messy floor plan.

  • Rudy

    Kenny you are the MAN!! At what other blog do you ask and then receive the very next day? Now I just need to win the next contest.

  • David

    The 22,229 sq ft castle is being built like Neuweinstein Castle in Europe but being built in Helen, GA, the german town outside of Atlanta, GA in North GA. It is being built by a friend of my wifes. And when its done I will send you pics because they have over a hundred acres and will have 18 car garage and over 30,000 sq ft. The co owner is a ship builder.

    • admin

      thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing it

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